20 December 2010

The Calm before the Storm?

A progress photograph, to illustrate where Irwin-Amadeus II stands at present with the first twelve of thirty Holger Eriksson dragoons.

The von Grandin family has arrived at Krankenstadt Palace, to much fanfare and production! Thus far, the Grand Duke has engaged in a variety of quirky and rude behavior, as Hives suggested, in the presence of his guests, to little apparent effect. Inexplicably, the Lady Leonora Christina von Grandin and her parents remain pleasant, even familiar, and enthusiastic about the expected announcement of an engagement. . . much to the chagrin of Irwin-Amadeus II.

Today, the entire von Grandin contingent has ventured out en masse for some final Christmas shopping and seasonal cheer in the shops of downtown Krankenstadt, leaving the Grand Duke to his own devices for a few hours. Meanwhile, Hives and the rest of the household are busily organizing the scheduled Christmas ball, to be held this evening in honor of the von Grandin family's visit.

Thanks to this disruption of routine, the Grand Duke has been able to steal away to his private study where he continues painting that regiment of Holger Eriksson cavalry. "Oh, I say, these are fun, fast figures to paint." muses Irwin-Amadeus II, "Hmmmm. . . Maybe I'll try my hand at painting a lobster claw on the obverse side of their standard!"


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see these guys in action Stokes. Is there to be another battle soon, with photographs?


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello there, Steve,

Thanks you! Yes, I hope to stage a small battle (an advance guard scenario) during Christmas Week. Stay tuned. Hopefully, I can get these first HE cavalry finished in time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Best Regards,



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