15 December 2010

Lunch at the Brummen und Summen. . .

A few of the Grand Duke's fellow clubmembers deep in conversation at Krankenstadt's Brummen und Summen, a private social organization for gentlemen of independent means.

While the Grand Duke waits for five or ten minutes to be shown to his table in the dining room at the Brummen und Summen, his mind wanders back over the painting of the last few days:

Hmmm. . . . Most of the thirty horses have been undercoated and covered with an oil glaze. Humbrol orange is certainly NOT a good undercoat though the other brown and tan enamels are. No. I've had to redo the undercoats of a few really orange horses that have come out looking like Yahoo Serious.

Yes. Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna seem to be the best oils in my collection of tubes for the glazes. A shame I can't unscrew the blasted cap from the tube of Raw Umber though. Must remember to add a few bay-colored steeds to the mix. I'll use thinned Payne's Grey to stain some lower legs, manes, and tails. Should be fairly easy.

What else? Let's see. . . Oh, yes. Now it's time to apply fleshtone to the faces and paint the figure bases green. That's always a quick and easy step. Fun too. But there's still the question of whether, or not to paint the horse furniture or leave just the impression of it. Yes. . . It would certainly save considerable time and be much easier. And then I could get on to painting the officers and troopers of the regimental staff and that first squadron.

I'm sorry? What? Oh, please excuse me. I was thinking of something else. Yes. Another five or ten minutes? You're joking. I see. Um, no. But I have a table here
. . .

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