18 November 2010

The von Auflauf Infantry and Zeller-Schwarzkatze Battery. . .

As promised, here is a rather bright photograph of the now finished Von Auflauf Infantry (Huzzah figures, mercenaries purchased from nearby Hesse-Seewald during summer 2008), a strange conglomeration of native Stollenians and drafts of SYW veterans from within and around German-speaking Central Europe. As you might expect then, not always the most cohesive or effective fighting force on the battlefield. Certainly not up to par with Stollen's elite Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers or the Jaeger zu Fuss. Best of all, only one more 60-figure unit of infantry to go, and that portion of my initial Sittangbad-sized project will be all done!

So, here are the promised photographs of what's underway, or just done, here at Stollen Central. The tiny digital camera we have, a Canon, seems to eat batteries as if they are going out of style. Inevitably, it takes days to locate another two NEW ones to replace the old ones, take a few photos, and upload them here. Not like it's a great deal of trouble or anything. Not like it requires a great deal of effort on my part or anything. Sigh. Pretty sad when you think about it.

Keep in mind, we are swimming in old, discharged batteries of all shapes and sizes around Stollen Central because The Grand Duchess, bless her, wants these recycled rather than thrown away into the kitchen garbage can. And it's usually only a few times a year that we make the trip to the far side of town (a staggering 3-4 miles, mind you) to the municipal center that disposes of old appliances, technology, and caustic things like batteries. The upshot of this is that, for all of the #@%&*! batteries in this house, purchasing new ones and putting them where they will be easily found when required later seems to be a MAJOR challenge. Ahem. . . .

But onto better things. It's a crisp, dark November day here in our part of the American Midwest. One of my favorite times of year. The Thanksgiving Holiday is fast approaching, the univeristy semester is winding down in about two weeks, and Frank Hammond over at Minden Miniatures in the U.K. has just released some Prussian hussars in busbies! Click on the link at bottom right to see photos. Look for it under the heading The Miniatures.

These hussar figures and their mounts look spledid, and while I won't order an entire regiment, I will order three or four officers to use as personality figures on the tabletop along with some Prussian artillery crew to round out a few samples Frank included with my order last spring when I purchased 30 of his Prussian hussars in mirlitons. That unit of cavalry will follow the current 13 Garrison figures, 30 Holger Eriksson dragoons, and some more infantry in the painting queue. Realistically, then, it will be some time in the spring or early summer of 2011 before I get to them. Still, the Grand Duchy of Stollen project is nearing completion slowly but surely. Watch for an updated painting progress chart here in the coming days. In the meantime, I'll leave you with the immortal word of Brigadier Peter Young and Colonel James Lawford, "Chaaaaarge!"

And here is a shot of the Garrison artillery crew that's on the painting table at the moment -- the eventual Zeller-Schwarzkatze Artillery, a small unit from one of the several fractious principalities adjacent to the Grand Duchy of Stollen and the Electorate of Zichenau. I'll order some RSM95 heavy cannon for them to man. Still a way to go, but these are fun figures to work with, and, of course, any excuse to paint figures in light blue is always a welcome diversion. Especially after months spent working on their more somberly attired fellows above.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Why not buy enough hussars in budgie to make up a squadron to go with your hussars in mirliton and they could be the elite squadron of the regiment. Sort of like the organization of Napoleonic hussar regiments.

As for batteries My camera comes with a square flat recharge able battery if you don't have this feature, you could still buy rechargeable batteries in AA and AAA sizes

Paul Liddle said...

The Von Auflauf look wonderful lined up,those Huzzah figures are very nice miniatures.

The Garrison chaps look good too.

Well done.


johnpreece said...


One has to actually ahve painted a sixty man unit to know the feeling of satisfaction (and a bit of relief) that comes with completion.

I like the drummers very smart and business like.


ColCampbell50 said...


First - very nice looking figures.

Second - I agree with DAF. Buy some rechargeable batteries and a charging unit. I got a nice one with Duracell batteries at my local Kroger grocery store.


Bluebear Jeff said...


All digital cameras eat batteries like mad . . . which is why most folks get an inexpensive battery charger and some rechargeable batters.

I try to get four batteries at a time (two each of different manufacturers) so that I can have two in the camera and two recharging. I use different makes so as to keep the pairs easily distinguishable.

By the way, that unit looks grand . . . and the Minden busby hussars look fabulous too.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words on the Huzzah unit and the Garrison artillery. A tiny bit of encouragement always helps get one through those less riveting moments of painting that we all have from time to time.

Yes, a battery charger and rechargeable batteries. . . That's it! Guess I'll have to pass the word along to Father Christmas by way of the Northern Polar Bear. ;-)

Oh, and Jim, your idea for an extra, 'elite' squadron of the Minden hussar lovelies is sorely tempting. . . Sorely tempting!

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...


I use rechargeables, but still have the same issues you describe. I wonder if my rechargeables are "wearing out".

Conrad Kinch said...


As your legal advisor I must counsel you that I am afraid of what will happen if you don't buy those hussars.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Keep in mind the idea that a single troop of hussars could be a contribution from an ally too . . . and that such an ally just might reinforce it with another troop (or two) in the future.

Not all units need be the same size.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent work with those figures Stokes. Splendid. They may not be the most effective of units but then I've found in the past those figures you spend most time and energy on don't return the favour when the dice are rolled!

MSFoy said...

Stokes - the figures are lovely - it goes without saying.

Cameras - I recently bought a little Panasonic DMC-TZ65 which takes decent pics (though you may dispute this if you've seen my blog) and has an internal rechargeable battery which currently goes 3-4 months between recharges. You have to take it out and put it in a special charger, which is a minor hassle, but it knocks my previous cameras into the shrubbery.

Batteries - we also have a recycling crusade. Flocks of elderly tree-huggers (including me) boiling water to clean out the yoghurt pots, and driving down to the town dump in the 4x4, all just to save the planet. As for batteries, I found that our local council doesn't have the money to do anything special with them - the whole business of getting the public to bring their recyclable rubbish to the tip is largely a scam to allow them to reduce their own staff. The batteries go into the same landfill as everything else.

This is not a rant, by the way, just a statement of fact to help you feel good about your morning oatmeal.



tidders said...

Huzzah ! another beautifully painted infantry regiment.

great stuff

-- Allan


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