28 November 2010

Some Progress. . .

Sadly deceased Swedish figure sculptor Holger Eriksson gazing at some of his larger creations. By all accounts, Mr. Eriksson was extremely an talented individual, carving many of his master figures from wood.

The mercifully long Thanksgiving weekend has just about finished here in U.S., and besides lots of time for family, food, and related fun, I've been able to spend a reasonable amount of time here in Zum Stollenkeller doing a few hobby-related things.

Besides yesterday's box o' bits, I've managed to get that 30-strong regiment of Holger Eriksson cavalry ready for basecoating. These should be fun and fairly rapid to paint. I'm setting a challenge to myself to see if I can complete the regiment by December 31st. More on this later right here.

I've also purchased two NEW tubes of superglue (remember the annoyed rant the other evening?) and assembled a couple of MiniFig generic SYW-era cannon, which are waiting patiently to the left of the HE cavalry at the moment. These guns will go with the following figures.

And finally, the 13 Garrison Prussian artillery crew -- converted into some very natty looking Schaumburg-Lippe artillery crew thanks to oh, so clever painting -- stand almost finished at center stage on the painting table. Just the mounted officer's horse to finish and then the usual two protective coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish. If the stars line up properly this evening, I might just have the time for that following supper and bedtime for Young Master Paul.
Watch for a Kodak moment or two right here!

But first, I have our usual big Sunday breakfast to fix for the Grand Duchess and myself. And later we must go shopping for a new black cocktail dress for the Grand Duchess, who has lost so much weight since the birth of Young Master Paul a little over a year ago that she now weighs less than she did before she became pregnant. Needless to say, the Grand Duchess looks fantastic! So, the cocktail dress is a pre-Christmas reward to herself, which she can wear to several pre-Christmas functions to which we have been invited.

Predictably, I have been lured along on today's shopping trip with the promise of coffee at one of our area cafes at some point during the afternoon. And how can a caffeine addict say no to that?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Stokes, my lad, I'm afraid that you have been deceived.

The purposes for which a husband is invited along on a wife's shopping trip are three:

First to tell her how wonderful she looks in each dress . . . (she already knows this, but likes to hear it anyway).

Second, to carry her purchases . . . and since she looks so good in so many dresses, there might be more than one purchase.

Third, of course, to pay for afore-mentioned purchase(s).

All of which does NOT preclude her enjoying your company nor her taking you for coffee.

-- Jeff the married man

PS, sometimes I have to persuade my dear bride to buy more than one garment -- she can be overly "practical".

Big Andy said...

Stokes and Jeff- Hmm going shopping for my wifes dressess is not a chore for me. After all I'm paying and if I have to look at her in 'em then I want to know how good they look before forking out several , many, lots , or more of hard eared . While I agree with Jeff basic premise I don't -like so many husbands I see -stand about like a spare part bored out of my mind. I like her to dress well so I take an interest.
So lie back and enjoy it dudes !!

Fachanwalt-IT said...

Alexander Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe


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