13 October 2010

Culling the Pile of Lead in Zum Stollenkeller. . .

FOR SALE. . . 30 RSM95 hussars, a three-squadron regiment and staff organized, more or less, according to the guidelines presented in Charge! The first US$20 (plus domestic shipping and handling) via Paypal takes them!

For those of you looking to beef up your light cavalry, I'm clearing out the cobwebs here at Stollen Central by selling a few figures I don't need. The proceeds will help augment my heavy cavalry (probably RSM French cuirassiers in bearskins).

This time around, it's a large unit of RSM95 1:60 (true 30mm) hussars. The figures are shown above -- 25 Prussian hussars and five Austrian hussars in colpacks, for use as regimental and squadron officers. A few minor conversions with the hobby knife, putty, and the paintbrush will easily provide the required trumpeter and standard bearer. The price for the thirty figures pictured above is a very reasonable US$20 (plus shipping and handling).
If you are interested, email me offline. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE -- For sale to residents of the lower 48 contiguous UNITED STATES only. Horses not included.

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