17 July 2010

The Wild Boar Hunt Comes to an End. . .

Here is an artist's rendering of a rather stern looking Colonel von Adalnowski. Of course it could just be his extreme disappointment at the wild boar hunt ending sooner than planned due to a minor accident.

And here is a recent, and somewhat misleading, portrait of the young Major von Topfsange. Despite the hussar uniform he is depicted in here, the young Major is most definitely not an accomplished horseman. Reports from hunt participants suggest he was thrown from the saddle early during the hunt when his horse stopped short just shy of a hedgerow, tossing von Topfsange head over heels into the brush. Fortunately, the Major emerged from the accident relatively unscathed. However, he is, shall we say, a bit sore in the seat today, having landed squarely on his posterior.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

So sad. I'm sure that the Major is very bummed.

-- Jeff (who couldn't resist)


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