10 July 2010

Status Report at End of Move Seven. . .

The tabletop action has heated up considerably between Major von Topfsange and Colonel von Adelnowski during Moves Six and Seven as the two have sought to occupy and hold advantageous positions in the Teodorstal Valley before the the arrival of their main armies tomorrow morning. While their respective companies of jaegers and grenzers have each suffered more than 50% casualties in a stiff firefight along a ridge on the south side of the valley, there is, of course, a chance for at least some of them to return to the fray on Day #2 once the main armies and commanding generals have arrived.

For now, the few Stollenian jaegers left have high-tailed it back down the hill in the direction of their rear area. The remaining grenzers and staff in the copse atop the ridge shall hold their position for now, at least, until tomorrow morning, unless met with overwhelming odds in the meantime.

What of the troops in other parts of the battlefield? The second company of O'Malley's Irish Grenzers is still firmly ensconced within the small village of Instettin in the western end of the valley and has yet to fire a shot. The Stollenian gun and crew along with the other company of Jaeger zu Fuss has advanced another 12" to the west. The jaegers' right flank is covered by the village of Effibriest, and the left by the single allied gun and its crew, which limbered up to keep pace with the jaegers.

And what of Major von Topfsange and Colonel von Adalnowski?

Two turn's worth of heavy skirmishing on the southern edge of Teodorstal Valley, between Major von Topfsange's Jaeger zu Fuss and Colonel von Adalnowski's Irish Grenzers have left heavy casualties on both sides. Von Topfsange rolled his dice well, but firing on troops in cover meant that his results were reduced by half. From across the table, Colonel von Adalnowski noticed a pronounced flush spreading across his opponent's cheeks and upper neck. "Must be too much peppermint schnapps," thought the colonel to himself.

Just to the northwest of Effibriest, on the north side of valley, the cavalry again mixed it up, moving into contact during Move Six, though the melee was not resolved until the end of Move Seven. While casualties were light for each side, both squadrons again had to withdraw 12" to rally and reform following their clash. Unfortunately for Major von Topfsange, that brought his 3rd Kuirassiere directly into the sights of Colonel von Adalnowski's waiting half-battery of Pillau-Zerbst artillery. "Blast!" exclaimed the good major in an uncharacteristic display of temper. "Exactly," replied the colonel with barely disguised glee.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful reports and photos, Stokes. Please keep them coming.

-- Jeff

A J said...

A promising start for Stollen seems somewhat diminished now. Let's hope they can hold the ground they have for the main army's arrival in the morrow.


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