19 July 2010

Introducing. . . The Classic Wargamer's Journal!

Just a brief note to encourage all of you, who check in regularly here, to join the queue for the pilot issue of Phil Olley's Classic Wargamer's Journal. The CWJ is a new quarterly newsletter that's meant to fill the gaps -- through stimulating, thought-provoking writing -- left by the wargaming glossies. In Phil's own words, the CWJ is intended to, "recapture the 'raw' nature of the hobby before it became glossy."

While giving a nostalgic nod to the famous hobby newsletters of the past, the
CWJ is forward-looking, covering all periods, and featuring something for every taste, from how-to articles, to battle reports, battle and campaign scenarios, plus 'Desert Island' profiles with an occasional piece from the hobby archives. In each case, the articles convey that vital sense of wonder, innovation, and enthusiasm that help make the miniature wargaming hobby so contagious, so engrossing, so all-encompassing, and so richly rewarding.

And all you need to do is get in touch with Phil Olley through his
Classic Wargaming blog, request a copy of the CWJ, and find out about subscription rates. The Classic Wargamer's Journal promises to become an exciting addition to the wargaming hobby!

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