22 July 2010

Move Two Updates. . .

Move Two, with one notable exception, saw little sweeping movement or particularly hot exchanges of fire between the Zichenauers and Stollenians, commanded by Colonel von Adalnowski and Major von Topfsange respectively. But let's eavesdrop selectively on their game in the drawing room for a better idea of the details. . .

"My generals and their staff are going to observe the unfolding battle from the ridge along the north side of the valley," announced Major von Topfsange early during Move Two. "Watch away old fruit," replied Colonel von Adalnowski, who rattled the ice in the bottom of his G&T glass.

"And," continued the good Major, "I am also going to form up my reserve of infantry into a second line." He clinched his clay pipe tightly in his teeth and puffed away deep in thought. Indeed, in the above picture, you will observe the troops concerned beginning to wheel into line. "Are you sure that's what you really want to do this move?" asked Colonel von Adalnowski with a wry smile.

Undeterred, Major von Topfsange continued, exhaling a cloud of blue-gray tobacco smoke and adding, "In addition, my dear Colonel, I am advancing the first squadron of my 3rd Kuirassiere into contact with your Irish Grenzers while holding the second squadron (above) in reserve one move's distance away." Von Adalnowski smiled, adjusted his monocle, and said, "How forward thinking of you, my dear Major."

At the end of Move Two, it was time to address the shooting. Once more, the artillery on either side scored a few hits, but not more than one or two. "What about your jaegers and my grenzers at the eastern end of the valley?" asked Colonel von Adalnowski encouragingly. The two men each measured the distance to their targets and rolled their dice. The Colonel scored one hit, but that was canceled out since the jagers were inside the farm buildings and thus considered in cover. However, on the far side of the table, von Topfsange brought down two of the Colonel's dreaded Irish Grenzers. "It seems that my love Lady Luck has indeed returned!" exclaimed the Major jubilantly.

"What? Well, we'd better resolve that cavalry action at the western end of the Valley," said the Colonel in hasty reply. This time, however, both men scored several hits respectively. "It appears your lady's eyes are wandering von Topfsange," goaded the Colonel. "Now, I believe our respective cavalry must retire some distance to regroup. Shall we pause briefly to refill our glasses?" And thus ended Move Two as Colonel von Adalnowksi rang for Valerie l'Vivandiere.


Big Andy said...

A very classic look indeed very Grqantian
Now here is a question Ialways wanted to ask Charles Grant senior. How do you stop people breathing on the lads and blowing them over? and Don't you lose the will to live moving all those singles? - tongue in cheek of course but when I had armies like that I quicly based 'em in multiples simply to save their painted coats.
I note the cavlary have bases to stop them falling overand no I'm not a base sizes fiend For me bases are there primarily to protect the figure I've just painted.

A J said...

It's shaping up into a classic clash. Nice to see Stollen taking the offensive.

Phil Olley said...

Excellent Stokes, simply excellent.
Not sure whose side I'm on! I do like The Newts, but the Stollen infantry look splendid advancing.
Like the random event... who was the "vocal local yokel" who showed the 4th Dragoons the way through the woods? A hero!


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