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Here we go again. . .

Another hussar uniform that has caahgt my eye recently is attributed to Freicorps Mayer. "Decisions, decisions!" as my 7th Grade English teacher used to say during his more humorous moments.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who get their kicks from sabotaging, ok vandalizing, others' things. That happened recently to out neighbors across the street here, who had to repair a low retaining wall around an ornamental tree in the front yard that a few trouble-makers tore up one night recently. Similarly, I keep getting these strange comments from somewhere in Asia, or from someone using a keyboard and computer set-up with Asian (Japanese?) characters.

Normally, I might suspect that these comments come from someone who does not have a full command of English, but some of the links related to these posted comments are, shall we say, highly questionable. Grrrrrr. . . . So, for the time being, I'm afraid I've had to enable comment moderation again. Inconvenience notwithstanding, please do continue to leave your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. It will just take a bit longer for them to appear.

On a happier note, the second batch of Huzzah musketeers is all finished save for the two coats of Future/Klear, which will follow tomorrow. My amateur rock and roll band The Indras has an engagement this evening at a local bar, so there won't be any time for painting once I am home about 1am. We've become quite polished and tight as a unit the last few months, and with 60 rock&roll, rockabilly, and R&B tunes from the 1950s, we put on quite a nice little sideshow. Another shorter appearance follows early tomorrow morning from 9-11am at our local farmers' market. Buying produce, cheese, meat, and other assorted goods was never like this before!


jmilesr said…
As a fan of your blog, please keep the comment moderation on. I run an internet services company and a very common hack is to post comments with links in shareware type blogs like this one. The comments usually are not viral themselves, but if your readers click on the imbedded link it will often take them to a site that will download code that usually has either a key logging or control taking bot.

I apologize if the above comes across as a lecture but it's always better safe than sorry with the internet
tradgardmastare said…
Break a leg ( if that is what one says) for tonight and tomorrow!
marinergrim said…
I think all of us who blog suffer from the spammers to a certain extent. Annoying? Certainly. Not sure what they get from having their comments frequently deleted but then I'm not sure what they get from sending rubbish anyway.
As for the hussars - so many choices that it must be the most difficult decision on uniforms for anyone to make.
Bluebear Jeff said…
I just automatically delete any comments in any foreign language . . . they might be legitimate but I doubt it.

The bar gig I understand; but the farmers' market does seem a bit odd . . . oh well, have fun and give them some good music.

-- Jeff
Der Alte Fritz said…
I keep the comments section open and just delete any unwanted spam. I don't get that much of it, but maybe once a month and then I just delete.

You might want to look at some of the uniforms of Luckner's Hussars or model the colors after Napoleon's Chasseurs a Cheval of the Garde. I've always like the green with the tan or buff pants and the red trim.
tidders2 said…

hope you find a uniform you really like for the Minden hussars

-- Allan
Big Andy said…
I supose it depends on the laguage... I do get emails in French occaisionally German or Spanish or Italian so I suppose it depends if I can take a stab at reading it. However Chines - which I've had and japanese no can't read 'em and having been attacked by "Chinese Robots" online I see you point
Also on a tou soldier note So many Hussars ... so little time...

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