16 June 2010

The Final Push. . .

Some Austrian hussars by Knoetel. It's almost impossible to decide which uniform to model my own hussars on since something new and even more fantastic seems to turn up daily with regard to these theatrical troops. But variety is the spice of life I'm told!

Not for the Grand Duchy of Stollen Project, that is still several months away, but for that current crop of Huzzah musketeers, which I glued temporarily to 16 plastic bottle caps yesterday evening after dinner. It was next time to put away the new Huzzah Prussian hussars for now and dig out the Holger Eriksson dragoons from last summer. I'd forgotten what nice castings these are. Not as much fine detail as the Minden figures, but enough so that you know what you are looking at. And not much flash or too many mold lines to remove with a hobby knife either, so the figures won't take an inordinate amount of time to prepare for painting. And that means that the painting queue for the next 3-4 months, maybe slightly longer, depending on "life", is this:

1) Finish the final 16 Huzzah figures

2) Paint the final two cannon (MiniFigs) and 13 crew (Garrison) for my projected order of battle, based on the forces fielded in the famous Battle of Sittangbad, featured in Charge!

3) Paint the 30-strong regiment of Holger Eriksson dragoons

Then, I can turn my attention to the Minden hussars and a final unit of 60 RSM95 Prussian musketeers afterward. If I've kept my painting progress chart correctly, that will do it for the basic Sittangbad-sized forces that I set out to paint and collect four years ago. And then, it's onto replacing a few plastic artillery figures and adding some additional infantry and cavalry. But that's still some way off. In the meantime, I've got a translation to proofread one last time and submit to some Norwegian clients -- Vi snakkes da!


Martin said...

Hi Stokes,

Not to add to your "embarrassment of riches" when it comes to hussar uniform choices, but don't forget to troll through the "Not By Appointment" blog here on EvE. There are some real crackerjack outfits there that would enhance any tabletop!

I'm looking forward to see what you accomplish over the summer, painting wise that is.

tidders said...


Nice austrian hussar uniforms, will have to consider these as I'm going to be casting and painting up some 40mm hussars.

Looks like your forces build up for Sittangbad is coming along well, happy painting

-- Allan


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