23 May 2010

Spring Cleaning in Zum Stollenkeller. . .

Idealized "spring cleaning" 1950s-style. Why, this could almost be my maternal grandmother! Except that she had "help", as they called it in the American South of the time, who came in a few times a week to take care of the kinds of activities depicted above.

No painting this past week due to a nasty headcold, which sapped the desire to do much in the evenings besides watch movies online. But I've come to a momentous decision, which might possibly benefit other mid-18th Century gamers. I've decided to sell my pile of unpainted plastic Revell Prussian and Austrian figures!

Yes, yes. I know. Some of you will, undoubtedly, see this as heresy given that the Grand Duchy of Stollen project began its run using these same figures. However, as you know, I've gradually made the move over to various "old school" brands of metal figures, and it's highly unlikely that these plastics will ever see the light of day for painting purposes. So, what better than to pass them onto a few like-minded souls, who might actually do something with them?

Now, I don't have a cataloged list made up yet, and that's not going to ready for a week or so, but most of the figures are off the sprues, assembled into large, single pose units where possible of between approximately 30-60 figures, and stashed in plastic sandwich baggies already. Very little Austrian artillery crew left, but I've got lots of Austrian infantry (musketeers and grenadiers), Prussian infantry (same), Austrian dragoons, and Prussian hussars. So, what's your pleasure?

All reasonable offers will be considered, but I am mindful that figure sets already off the sprue command less than those in the original boxes and on their sprues. Shipping and handling via United Parcel Service (UPS) will be added to the agreed price, and payment needs to be through my PayPal account. E-mail me offline with your needs/desires, and I can give you a firmer idea of what I have, etc., etc. Thanks for your interest!


Sir William the Aged said...

Well, I guess I could exclaim, "Say it ain't so Stokes!" But the truth is, I could kind of see this one coming ;-)

I still have hopes of completing my horde of Zvezda someday, although it keeps getting pushed down the priority list by 15mm projects. And now, with Wargames Factory bringing out 28mm multi-part WSS hard plastics (which I'm providing some reference material for to Tony and Howard), I may end up making a change myself at some point. I love the direction the figures are taking and I've always liked the full-skirted earlier uniforms.

BTW - Thanks for dropping by the Louis Quatorze blog, I'm really enjoying being a part of it and always like to see old friends stop by.

Your friend - Bill

guy said...

Well about a month ago I would have snapped up some of the austrian infantry for conversion purposes but I managed to find some in the US. My plastic armies are now almost coming to their completion although I will add further units for example I have just seen on the Zvesda site that they are about to release the Prussian hussars and if the hat prussian fusiliers are decent I will have some of those.

I greatly admire people like Hal Thinglum and der alte fritz who start new collections in different scales/ranges. DAF has collected within an extraordinary short time a Minden Pussian army. I would like to collect an English v french Minden force. I don't really want to completely redo the Prussians and Austrians. Its been great fun collecting, researching and painting the Prussians etc but I will delve into new fields. Having said that the prussian minden hussars look fantastic!



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