18 April 2010

Painting Continues Apiece. . .

Here's a teaser to tide you over until the first batch of 29 Huzzah figures are all finished. The above illustration depicts a member of Wurtemburg's Garde zu Fuss in a post-Seven Years' War uniform I believe, but his kit is fairly similar to the one I'm currently applying to my figures. The SYW-era uniform lacked a plume and had black gaiters instead of white.

Well, it's been a busy weekend so far here at Stollen Central. I did some painting Friday evening, and the first 29 Huzzah figures are getting very close to completion. I hope to wrap them up in the next week and get started with the next batch of 16 infantry privates since all officers, NCOs and musicians will be finished. That should make painting progress a bit faster than has been the case around here, painting funks notwithstanding, during the last few months.

Saturday midday saw me noodling around with the layout of the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, something I have meant to do for quite a while. There are still a couple of things to add, but by and large I like the updated, more colorful, and personalized blog that you are seeing on your computer screens now. Thanks to Phil for coaching me through how to add a large photographic image to the top of the blog some weeks ago. It turned out to be much simpler than it seemed initially.

Early evening saw the three of us at a small dinner party where Young Master Paul was the star of the show until he fell asleep in his carseat after an hour. Then, the party became considerably less entertaining. However, the Grand Duchess and I had an easy out, claiming an 8pm bedtime for the baby. I never before considered how a baby might help to ease certain social obligations. Why, it almost makes me want to have another nine! Just kidding. We are very happy with the one child we have now.

Finally, my amateur rock and roll band The Indras played a live date last night at a local music establishment, and we tore the place up. Our 75-minute set saw us breeze through 24 classics like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Bad Boy, Blue Suede Shoes, So How Come No One Loves Me?, Besame Mucho, and Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey. We kept the crowd of twenty- to forty-somethings on their feet, dancing and singing along until well after 2am. We were brought back for an encore by the owner, playing Buddy Holly's That'll Be the Day to an apreciative house. It was a memorable experience with many slightly intoxicated people approaching us outside in the street afterwards, to reiterate how much they enjoyed the show.

So, today it's back to Earth and real life with a resounding "Thud!". But I did fix us a nice brunch at with bacon, fried eggs, orange juice, coffee, and plenty of Dundee orange marmelade. In addition, there will be a bit of time for painting later this afternoon, when the Grand Duchess and Young Master Paul attend a picnic for her German language students and graduating majors at a nearby park, very close to where we lived before purchasing our house a couple of years ago -- right across the street in fact. I have politely bowed out from the proceedings and should have a couple of hours to paint quietly as a result.

Well, I could sit here prattling on about this or that all afternoon, but there are things to take care of before painting, so I'll sign off for now. Over and out.


Paul Liddle said...

What a great blog layout I'm very impressed.I wasted about two hours today trying to add a hit counter to mine and gave up in the end.



abdul666 said...

The new layout is indeed gorgeous!

Cheers to the Indra, and compliments and best wishes to the Stollen family!

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice layout and pic at the top.
Happy painting!

Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the new layout Stokes. I'm happy to hear that your painting mojo may be coming back. You need to set a firm date for a wargame and then you'll find yourself wanting to finish off the Huzzahs for that game.

Babies are wonderful things in many ways. While they are hard work, they also have many side benefits, one of which, as you have discovered, is the old "Party Exit Routine" of 'oh, we have to get home now because of the baby, or the sitter has to leave earlier tonight so we must leave now.'


Bluebear Jeff said...

I really like your blog "banner" . . . it is a great photo to use.

-- Jeff

Peter said...

I'm flabbergasted. Stokes, this is some first class blogging. As Jim said, you really need to plan a new game...so that we can enjoy the report and pictures.
Keep inspiring us...


Stryker said...

Hi Stokes - the new banner picture is absolutely superb and captures the flavour of your blog perfectly. Excellent stuf!!!


Big Andy said...

It does look pretty perhaps a bit of re-decorating at Glrious Little Soldiers is in order - when I get the time...... Andy

tidders said...

Like the new look blog; super picture for the header

-- Allan


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