22 April 2010

A Few Zichenauer Military Personalities. . .

The dastardly General Phillipe de Latte (center) flanked by his evil minions, Major Paolo di Biscotti (left) and Colonel von Gherkin (right). All three are RSM95 figures, painted during the winter of 2007-2008. . . I think.

With all of this talk about Zichenauer victories, the possibility of genuine tactical ability, or just dumb luck, it seems like a good idea to reintroduce three gentlemen, and I use the term very loosely, whom you have met before at one time or another. The French SYW veteran, and now mercenary-adventurer, General Phillipe de Latte and his two aide de camps strike a martial pose above before two bell tents.

Though my initial intention was to collect and paint plastic 1/72 figures for the Grand Duchy of Stollen project, the Grand Duchess (bless her) blew that idea to smithereens when she presented me with 60+ RSM95 Prussian grenadiers for Christmas 2006. These wonderful figures were painted the following spring (2007), completed by early June, and a photograph of them now graces the top of this blog.

At any rate, once I saw these little beauties up close, it was love at first sight, and I have gradually made a switch from plastics to using these 30mm metal figures for my imaginary campaign between the Grand Duchy of Stollen and the Electorate of Zichenau. Those of you who have been tuning in for a while to the machinations here also know that I've included a few other classic 25/30mm figures ranges in the collection, for example those by Holger Eriksson, Spencer Smith, and Garrison along with a smattering of MiniFigs and the current unit in progress over on the painting desk, which consists of Huzzah figures.

I'd also like to add maybe a dozen Suren (Willie) officer figures mounted on RSM horses at some point to introduce a bit more variety to my mounted generals and ADCs. Those of you familiar with Charge! Or How to Play War Games by Brigader Peter Young and Colonel James Lawford know that the two included scads of generals and ADCs on horseback in their games. It seems reasonable, therefore, to beef up that particular branch of my collection before too long.

Here is a second photograph of General de Latte and Colonel von Gherkin, reconnoitring an anonymous town square somewhere along the Stollenian-Zichenauer frontier in early 1768.


Fitz-Badger said...

Latte, Biscotti, and Gherkin, eh? That's got to leave a sour taste in one's mouth! ;)

That 2nd photo is particularly nice.

Bluebear Jeff said...

*grin* . . . if you will recall, I tried (unsuccessfully) to interest you in the RSMs before your dear Grand Duchess gifted you with some.

They are lovely figures at an excellent price, are they not?

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

My first reaction: 'Wow!' These are very nice figures, and I like the buildings, too.
No doubt we will at some time make the acquaintance of Col. Giuseppi Blanco di Cappucino at some future date...?

tidders said...

thanks for sharing your 'historical' pictures of units and staff - most enjoyable

-- Allan


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