04 April 2010

Rat-a-tat-tat. . .

Might any of you Stollen regulars be able to offer some insight into the army and regiment for which this gentleman drums?

Back to painting in a limited way this weekend, and I've been working on the three company drummers for that unit of Huzzah Prussian musketeers that are being painted, more or less, as Wurtemburg infantry -- The Garde zu Fuss I do believe. Though they'll be given an imaginary name and identity once they are finished and take their proper place in the Army of Stollen.

I haven't finished with them yet, and painting all that extra white lace on the navy blue coats and sleeves is slow going, but they are shaping up nicely I think. Since I have not been able to find much information on Wurtemburg infantry musicians and drum hoops, much of my work is conjectural at best, but there you are. The unit will be imaginary anyway, so I'm really not worrying too much about it. The main thing is that I'm painting again after a hobby funk lasting about two months. Rest assured, a photograph or two of my three drummers will appear here in a few days when I have finished them.

Now, the fellow pictured above is something of a mystery. While I like his uniform colors and drum hoops, I have no idea what army or regiment to which he might belong. Suffice to say, that he just caught my eye, and given the subject matter of this entry, he seemed appropriate. And so, as Todd Rundgren once sang in the early 1980s, "I don't want to work. . . I just want to bang on the drum all day!"


justMike said...

Horse on the drum suggests English or possibly Hanover for this guy Stokes. Don't know as that helps much. - Mike

andygamer said...

He's a Brunswick drummer--I guess of a regiment with red facings.

Ed said...

I agree with andygamer...Brunswick Leib Regiment. I can't seem to find a pic that shows my Fedoran version...possibly here:


Ed v. H-F

Peter said...


I picked this from http://www.kronoskaf.com/syw/index.php?title=Brunswick_Army

The drummers of the Leib regiment wore a yellow coat edged white with 7 double laced white buttonholes and with red collar, cuffs and turnbacks. The swallow nests on the shoulders were also red and there were 5 white horizontal braids bordered by a white vertical braid on each sleeve.
The drum had a brass base carrying the Brunswick coat of arms with a rim decorated with red and white diagonal stripes and with white cords.
Glad to see you back at the painting table.


Bloggerator said...

Glad to see you back Stokes.


Snickering Corpses said...

Remember that 18th century drummers may use reversed colors to their regiment, so his regimental uniform may be red faced yellow.

Big Andy said...

I'd tend to think Brunswick too though Hanoveer did cross my mind definitely NOT English (wrong hat)


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