23 January 2010

A Slight Change in Painting Plan for Those 60+ Huzzah Miniatures. . . .

An example of the uniform worn by Wutemburg's Garde zu Fuss during the mid-18th Century.

Ok, ok. Several of you Stollen regulars have suggested that I give that unit of Huzzah figures a slightly more interesting uniform than just uniform dark blue. And one of you suggeted Wurtemburg Garde Grenadiers, which I liked, and which also sparked my curiosity a bit. So, I did some digging around on the web and found this example of another Wurtemburg uniform -- the Garde zu Fuss -- from the mid-18th Century. No mitre caps here, but the colors of everything else are similar to the Wurtemburg grenadiers that were originally proposed, so this uniform (pictured above) should work fine for my purposes.

Naturally, it will take a bit longer to paint everything, but that just means that the figures will look much snazzier on the tabletop once everything is finished. Now, does anyone have any information on the standard(s) carried by Wurtemburg's Garde zu Fuss? Barring that, I have a more typical Prussian/Hessian idea in mind for a totally fabricated, fictitious standard. But enough chit chat here. I've got a couple of Holger Eriksson cannon to finish painting and then varnish!


tidders said...

Yummy uniform; the yellow waistcoat makes a difference.

Like the new buildings

-- Allan

David said...
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David said...

Hi Stokes,

Nothing is certain on the Garde zu Fuss colours but Kronoskaf has an educated guess here: http://www.kronoskaf.com/syw/index.php?title=W%C3%BCrttemberg_Garde_zu_Fuss and the Reichsarmee W├╝rttemberg Infantry Regiment probably had a colour rather like this one given by Warflag: http://www.warflag.com/flags/syw/sywreichs10.shtml which is very similar. It's likely that most W├╝rttemberg infantry regiments of the period had similar colours.



abdul666 said...

Now here is an uniform men would be proud to wear (and ladies would find *sooo* seducing) -as Tidder pointed out, the yellow waistcoat adds much. But does the blue really need to be so dark?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Like Jean-Louis I would choose a lighter blue . . . but then it is not my unit.

-- Jeff

Jim Wright said...

Hello Stokes,

Here's an off topic question.

Subject: painting faces.

I do a flesh base, then wash with a brown GW wash. Ta-da, I'm done.

How do you paint the faces of your figures? Inquiring minds want to know.



Ken said...

My 10mm Austrian army has a few battalions of Wurttemburgers (and a few Bavarians, too, including the Leib Regiment with black facings). I like 'em. If I decide I have enough painted Prussians, the Austrians may get some Saxons too. :-)

guy said...

The uniform you have shown here comes I believe from the Project SYW site. If you go there and into the armies section and then into the wurtemburg section there is an article on the regiment and more importantly a suggestion on the flag used. I hope this helps.



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