17 December 2009

Looking Ahead. . .

A battery of those delightfully old school Garrison Prussian artillerymen that I purchased from Rob Young last summer, manning their Holger Eriksson cannon.

While looking after Young Master Paul this afternoon, I've had considerable time to think about what's next in the painting queue. And as promised a few weeks ago right here, two guns and crew -- a battery of guns according to the rules laid out in both Charge! and The War Game -- will follow that final squadron of the cuirassiers.

And here they are, thirteen Garrison figures and two Holger Eriksson cannon. Besides the officers and spongemen, I'm using a number of the porte fire figures, though I'll trim away the porte fire, leaving these open-handed. I'm doing this because I want a bunch of more or less identical figures to man the guns. And for the mounted colonel, I'll use a Garrison Prussian dragoon officer.

I have another thirteen such figures, for which I'll use MiniFig guns, to provide the third battery for the Stollenian army. Those of you who have followed the Grand Duchy of Stollen project for a while now might remember that my orders of battle and army sizes are based on those fielded by the Emperor and the Elector for the Battle of Sittangbad as presented in Charge! and refought by The Wargamers at the May 2006 Partizan show.

Now, in which uniforms will I paint the above battery crew? Ah, thought you'd never ask! I'm going to base my painting scheme on the uniforms worn by the Von Kleist Freikorps' artillery contingent as illustrated below. . .

I think I have just the green necessary in one or another tins of Humbrol enamel over in a plastic storage tote on the painting table here in
Zum Stollenkeller. Hopefully, these have not dried out since last I used them several years ago. In any case, I like the dark green of these uniforms, and since it is the predominating color, its use should help speed along the painting process somewhat. But in the meantime, it's back to those remaining nine heavy cavalry. Tally ho!


Bluebear Jeff said...

And what do you plan to paint after the artillery?

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jeff,

Either that unit of Holger Eriksson cavalry from last summer, or another 60-strong battalion of infantry, painted as the La Marck Regiment or the Loewendahl Regiment. Should take me into the late spring or early summer. We'll see.

Best Regards,


Frankfurter said...

Those uniforms would look great for my own Frankfurters too!

Fitz-Badger said...

I confess I have a fondness for green uniforms. Should look great!

Der Alte Fritz said...

What about those Huzzah figures? They could be the "Prinz von Stollen" regiment with Paul as the inhaber.

Try Reaper Paints "Elven Green" over a black base and then mix some highlight greens from that. That is what I used on my von Kliest figures.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Jeff -- I want to paint THE WORLD!!!!

Best Regards,



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