05 December 2009

Second Squadron Joins Anspach-Beyreuth Kuirassiere!!!

Who says having a baby means you never get any painting done? I've just finished varnishing the second squadron of Anspach-Beyreuth Kuirassiere, who now join the first squadron and regimental staff in their winter quarters on the Stollenian frontier, following a long, chilly journey of several weeks' duration from Vienna. The third squadron, lagging several weeks behind, is expected to join the regiment sometime before Christmas Day. Meanwhile, General von Tschatschke awaits the arrival of a new uniform he has ordered especially for his recent appointment to the Army of Stollen as commander of an infantry brigade. At the moment, he ruminates on his recent good fortune and future glory while having his hair dressed, powdered, and a new faux beauty mark applied just above his upper lip. ;-) Enjoy the cuirassier photos!


littlejohn said...

simply fantastic!

Frankfurter said...

Definitely more fun than lower classmen papers!
Hopefully, you'll be able to participate in some of Bill's and Alte Fritz's games next year!

tradgardmastare said...

C'est Manifique...
p.s what's up next for painting?

Poacher said...


Just gorgeous!


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