03 December 2009

The Seasonal Spirit is Beginning to Take Hold. . .

Here's a Christmas market very familiar to the Grand Duchess. It's the one held each December in Dresden, Germany.

And that means a few gifts to purchase, a few to order and have sent to friends and family members around the world, and cards to address and send. And you know what? I love it! But still a few days of school to get through before the fun and festivities can begin in earnest.

Nevertheless, I managed to find about 90 minutes or two hours last night to apply the final touch-ups to that middle batch of nine cuirassiers, followed by the first coat of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish. And the soldiers look smashing this morning, resplendent in their unabashed shinyness (is that even a word?). One more coat this afternoon, and they are all finished. Watch for a photograph here of the now 21-strong regiment. Only nine figures left to go! And then it's onto an artillery battery, a few generals, and their ADC's. Nothing like the feeling of being almost done with part of a project of long standing, is there?

And here's my personal favorite, the Luebeck Christmas market. This is my favorite place in Germany where I wasted quite a bit of happy time in the mid-1980s and again in 1990. Sadly, none of it was during this December event. It looks so bright and inviting. I can almost smell the food and gluehwein!


Ross Mac said...

Finish? Not for me, oh don't get me wrong, I like the exhilaration of fielding a new unit or figure but I dread that sense of impending closure that means there are no more figures to paint. (Perhaps that is why I finish so few?) Past experience tells me that if I declare "Done!" then I will slowly cease to play with that army as a new one grabs my imagination. As M Protz likes to say we tend to play what we paint and for me I always hanker to paint what I just played or am about to play. Long live the open ended collection! (and a never end stream of pictures!)

Xaltotun of Python said...

Let me see. My first metal figures were Garrison and Minifigs 'S' Range 20/25mm Greeks and Persians back in 1970. I've since had several different ranges and even delved into 15mm (see Garrison gallery). What do I have on my desk now? Garrison 20mm Greeks and Persians. Why no Minifigs 'S' Range? Because they (as in the previous owners) wouldn't sell me any.

I don't believe in finishing armies, it doesn't work.


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