07 December 2009

Our First Snow of the Season!!!

Wish we had a scene like this one in our backyard. This is very similar to the woods in Norway, about five minutes from where I lived in Trondheim, where I learned to ski ten years ago.

Relax. Just a dusting. Maybe an inch/25mm or so, but it was beautiful when I peeked through the blinds at the still dark street (it's just after 6am here) a little while ago. Just what we need to kick off the week here at Stollen Central.

Speaking of which. I had a serious talk with the Grand Duchess yesterday and laid down the law. Told her I surely wouldn't make it to Christmas without some of her delicious Dresdner Stollen. So, I finally was able to extract that most important of promises from her. . . Stollen baking to commence next weekend. Hurrah! The clouds lifted and I retired to bed a happy man.

On the soldier painting front, I took a wee bit of time after dinner, while Young Paul slept close by, and began work on the flamboyant General von Tschatschke. So far, a chestnut horse, pink coat and breeches with purple waistcoat and saddle cloth. Still lots to do, of course, but the good General looks stunning already. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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guy said...

Every time the main weather report and map comes on the BBC they always show a slice of Norway and for the last week or so it seems to have been snowing constantly. I'm sure the skiing will be good there this season. We normally head to the Alps but the girls are now at different schools and v inconsiderently their school holidays do not overlap to a reasonable degree so we are still at the planning stage.



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