29 December 2009

One More Painting Step Finished!!!

Here's another "Kodak Moment" photo update, to show where we stand with the final nine cuirasseirs this evening.

Just a quick note, to update you on the third squadron of the Anspach-Bayreuth Kuirassiere. All of the red areas have been painted, leaving only the white areas, touch-ups, and varnishing left to do. Accordingly, I've updated the progress "chart" below:

1) Black basecoat -- Done
2) Black undercoat on horses. -- Done
3) Flesh, hair, figure bases. -- Done
4) Drybrush horses with dark blue. -- Done
5) Brown girths and stirrup leathers on horses. -- Done
6) Metal bits on horse halters, martingales, stirrups, and spurs. -- Done
7) White markings on horses. -- Done
8) Tan undercoat on officers' and troopers' coats. -- Done
9) White/Silver lace on saddlecloths. -- Done
10) White belts, straps, and cuirass lace trim. -- Done
11) Red facings and turnbacks. -- Done
12) Swords, sword baskets, scabbards. -- Done
13) Carbine stocks, barrels, firelocks. -- Done
14) Metal cuirass shoulder straps. -- Done
15) Fill in saddlecloths/valises/ breeches with red. -- Done
16) Fill in gauntlets and coats with white.
17) Touch-ups to fix inevitable paintbrush blunders.
18) Varnish with Future/Klear acrylic floor finish.

It's been a slow plod through the figurative mud, rather than a charge, the last week or so. Beside the painting fatigue troll and the tedium demon, both of whom I mentioned in my previous post, we've been helping Young Master Paul grow more accustomed to sleeping alone and putting himself back to sleep when he wakes in the night. . . under pediatrician's advice, of course. But it ain't exactly easy listening to your child cry hysterically for the better part of an hour before he finally drops off to sleep. Whew!

I'll be glad when this latest bit of training takes hold. The Grand Duchess and I feel like zombies at the moment. And I thought the first couple of weeks in November, just after we brought Paul home from the hospital, were hard.
At any rate, it's on to the white coats and gauntlets tomorrow evening. We're getting there, slowly but surely.


Der Alte Fritz said...

You are finding out that changing diapers is one of the easier parts of taking care of a baby. It is the lack of sleep that does you in. As long as Paul isn't collicky, then you will be alright and this phase will soon pass.

tradgardmastare said...

been there re sleeping - a difficult exhausting time but you will indeed get there...
Ditto to lack of sleep bit too.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Sleep training.... I remember it well too, but the paediatricians advice is very sound... we have friends who didn't listen and they rue the day now...

What you want is for little'un to develop a big enough stomach/fuel tank to take him through the night - it all starts to get better from then! :o))

Prince Lupus said...

I seem to be waiting up half the night waiting for teenage kids to get home. There is no end........


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