17 December 2009

Just a quiet day here at Stollen Central. . .

I really like these old, simpler Christmas cards from years gone by.

Nothing terribly exciting going on here today, which is not a bad thing. So, a well-deserved quiet day for all here. Finally finished my grading and submitted course grades yesterday before painting for a while in the evening and then taking over "Paul Duties" for a good part of the evening and very early morning. The Indras, my 1950s rockabilly, rock and roll, and R&B band has practice this evening -- Check out our latest recordings by visiting our MySpace page link at right, entitled On Fire in Der Stollenkeller -- and maybe, just maybe Paul will permit some painting later in the evening. Shopping is almost finished, we'll get and decorate the trees tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on BBC Radio 4 come Christmas Eve next week. We also have a ginger bread house to assemble for Paul at some point in the next week. It is indeed truly a wonderful time of year here at Stollen Central.

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