09 December 2009

It's a Frigid Wednesday Here at Stollen Central. . .

A rather simple, but pleasant old image of Father Christmas/Santa Claus. I like the wreath of holly around his head in particular.

Sigh. All of the snow was well to the north and west of us yesterday and last night. We had only cold rain here in Central Illinois for example. In our old Minnesota stomping grounds, however, the picture is rather different with business and school closings a plenty. I'm actually listening to all of this from a Twin Cities radio station online right now. Parts of southern Minnesota could see as much as 16" of snow before the storm finishes along with blowing and drifting snow. People across the southern part of the state are being advised to stay off the roads.

Clearly, the Grand Duchess and I left Minnesota too early. Only skiers and winter enthusiasts like us would say something like that, but there you are. Not that we'll be doing much skiing this winter season I'm afraid. Time to set up those bicycles on rollers in another part of Zum Stollenkeller instead and spin through the cold months instead. By the way, temperatures are supposed to become frigid across the Midwest by late afternoon today, just in time for us to attend our infant CPR class at the nearby hospital.

And so to painting. Found an hour yesterday evening for some s-l-o-w painting on General von Tschatschke, who had his base, waist belt, face, and wig painted. Not a whole lot completed given the time spent at the painting desk, but it was enjoyable to watch this special figure come to life little by little beneath my brush. The good General now looks rather smart in a dandyish sort of way. Maybe I can finsh work on him in the next few evenings and move onto his ADC before continuing with that final squadron of nine curassiers. But that will need to await until tomorrow evening at least given our plans for this evening. Enjoy the day everyone!

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Bluebear Jeff said...


I do like that Santa image . . . but to me his eyes seem rather weary/sad . . . perhaps he has seen too much.

-- Jeff


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