14 December 2009

Stollen, stollen, stollen. . .

Here's another old image of Santa Claus/ St. Nick/ Father Christmas for you. Oddly, his coat seems to have a distinctly rose hue to it in this illustration. It seems General von Tschatschke was the start of a discernible trend. . . even in non-military circles!

Fresh, crumbly Dresdner Stollen, hot coffee, and some time to paint soldiers. It was a lovely weekend indeed! Yes, the Grand Duchess baked one of her famous stollens yesterday evening, and we enjoyed a few still warm slices along with fresh black coffee late in the evening as we watched a bad romantic comedy (aren't there a lot of these?) on DVD while Young Master Paul dozed between us.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a few hours to myself -- the Grand Duchess and son attended a ladies only pre-Christmas beading party -- to begin work on the remaining cuirassier figures. So, it was faces, hair, green bases, and another black undercoat for the horses. If time and child permit today, the horses will get their dry-brushing of dark blue and leather colored girths and then maybe the tiny metal bits on their halters and martingales. Thanks for the spelling help, Jeff!

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed on the time/painting plans. Realistically, it will probably take two evenings to do all of this. Not that it's really a huge amount of painting, mind you, but free time is a scarce commodity these days here at Stollen Central. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to return to the kitchen for another slice or two of you-know-what!


Bluebear Jeff said...


I'm not a "horsey" person, but the word is spelled "martingale".

Enjoy your stollen!

-- Jeff

Poacher said...

Lovely stuff, and great picture too.

As for the little ones, you soon get used to working around them!

But beware; once they become mobile, all paints and stuff have to be carefully guarded!!

I had to paint in the loft room for almost fours years! :-)

tradgardmastare said...

Does the Duchess have a good recipe for leibkuchen by any chance- family off from Friday and I feel they are itchig to bake...

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Alan,

I'll ask her.

Best Regards,



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