06 December 2009

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!!

Sankt Niklaus has been and gone here at Stollen Central, leaving a few sweets in our shoes by the front door, a jar of thick-cut Scottish orange marmalade, and a few other goodies to tide us over until Christmas. Funny. Thought I locked that door last night before retiring to the second floor!

Thank you for the favorable comments you have left about the second squadron of cuirassiers. Alan asked what was next in the painting queue. Well, General von Tschatschke and his ADC will provide a short break from cuirassier painting for a few days. Then, it's back to finish the third squadron of the Anspach-Beyreuth regiment. I imagine that will take us pretty near Christmas Day. Afterwards, I think I'll work on a battery of artillery, usuing those Garrison Prussian artillery crew and Holger Eriksson guns that I purchased last summer.

And then, it will very likely be a 60-strong battalion of RSM Prussian musketeers, or maybe Huzzah miniatures, painted as either the La Marck Regiment or the Loewendahl Regiment -- German regiments in French service during the Seven Years' War. I've not had much luck finding out what the standard carried by the latter looked like though, so I may very well settle for the former.

Anyway, that's what painting plans look like for the new few months here at Stollen Central. Hopefully, Young Paul will permit things to go ahead at a fairly reasonable and attainable pace. We'll see.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

La Marck had a very distinctive standard during the WSS . . . and most French regiments kept their flags through the SYW. Here's an image:


-- Jeff


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