23 December 2009

Betcha thought I'd forget!

This Santa Claus wears the red robes and white beard we've come to expect, but the small jewel box with shiny things inside is an unusual touch.

Oh, no, no, no! I've not forgotten the seasonal images for today. But I did return to bed for about three hours since Young Master Paul's 4am feeding made me unable to fall back to sleep for a few hours. But anyhow, here are a couple of bright, cheerful Victorian-era images of Ol' Saint Nick. And now it's time to head out and purchase my last few gifts for the Grand Duchess and Paul. No time to waste!

I think this old Christmas card must be my favorite from this year's pre-Christmas season since it features, to my eyes, just the right blend of simplicity and opulence. . . if such a things were possible. And I'm a huge fan of holly, which my family used to have a lot of when I was a boy. But in the U.S., you don't seem to see it used in homes for a seasonal decoration as much as once was the case. Of course, that might have to do with the fact that dry holly is like razor wire, so it requires extrememly careful handling once the Christmas and New Year's season is over!


Bluebear Jeff said...

The house where I grew up had a big holly tree in the back yard . . . and if I had a nickle for every skin puncture I got from its leaves, I could buy a wonderful lot of little metal men.

Holly is great to look at, but nasty to handle.

-- Jeff

Prince Lupus said...

Merry Christmas to the Archduke, Grand Duchess and Master Paul.

Many thanks for the Stollen advent calendar.


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