30 December 2009

The 3rd Squadron Is Almost There!!!

We are getting somewhere, ladies and gentlemen! Here's a quick snap of the final nine cuirassiers, almost all finished but for two more steps.

Just a quick update before I head off to bed. All painting on the 3rd squadron of the Anspach-Bayreuth Kuirassiere is done, save for a few touch-ups tomorrow, followed by two coats of Future/Klear. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures to show where we now stand, Enjoy!

And for good measure (And why not?), here's another photograph of the same nine figures and their mounts from a slightly different angle.

Last but not least, here is an updated version of the painting progress "chart" (more of a list, really). Touch-ups will follow this afternoon or evening and then the two coats of Future/Klear:

1) Black basecoat -- Done
2) Black undercoat on horses. -- Done
3) Flesh, hair, figure bases. -- Done
4) Drybrush horses with dark blue. -- Done
5) Brown girths and stirrup leathers on horses. -- Done
6) Metal bits on horse halters, martingales, stirrups, and spurs. -- Done
7) White markings on horses. -- Done
8) Tan undercoat on officers' and troopers' coats. -- Done
9) White/Silver lace on saddlecloths. -- Done
10) White belts, straps, and cuirass lace trim. -- Done
11) Red facings and turnbacks. -- Done
12) Swords, sword baskets, scabbards. -- Done
13) Carbine stocks, barrels, firelocks. -- Done
14) Metal cuirass shoulder straps. -- Done
15) Fill in saddlecloths/valises/ breeches with red. -- Done
16) Fill in gauntlets and coats with white. -- Done
17) Touch-ups to fix inevitable paintbrush blunders.
18) Varnish with Future/Klear acrylic floor finish.

And then no more cavalry for a while -- Hallelujah! It's onto that two-gun battery of Holger Eriksson guns and 13-figure crew of Garrison artillery men, who are almost completely base-coated with black gesso over on the painting table behind me. Sometime in the next month, I'll finish these and begin another 60-figure regiment of RSM or Huzzah Prussian musketeers, which will, no doubt, take a couple of months to finish. Besides the requiements of Young Master Paul, I'm not as fast a painter as some out there in Blogland, and available free time is not what it once was.

At any rate, I'll probably follow up that unit with either that 30-strong regiment of Holger Eriksson dragoons that I purchased last summer while in Berlin, or maybe, just maybe, a 30-strong battalion of Pandours
. And then, if my memory serves me correctly, I'll be very near to completing the basic Sittangbad-sized forces that I set out to paint in the summer of 2006. Stay tuned!

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Docsmith said...

Liebe Stokes

I've enjoyed following the progress of your Kuirassier - very nice figures - and the announcement of Phil's latest blog venture. I hope we continued to be spoiled for choice in 2010.

All the best for the New Year fur alles in the Grand Duchy of Stollen!




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