14 November 2009

White Step Is Finished!!!

With a huge sigh of relief, the white step is all finished on the second squadron of Austria's, er, Stollen's Anspach-Beyreuth Kuirassiere. Young David Paul I had a quiet night last night, so we got a tiny bit more sleep than has been the case lately. The Grand Duchess and son are out running some errands together this afternoon, so I've had a rare couple of hours to finish this step, take, and post a picture here. Now, it's onto the next step, "The Reds". . . facings, turnbacks, breeches, and saddle cloths. Charge!

And speaking of Charge!, is anyone else having problems leaving comments at the wonderfully whimsical Blasthof Blog? I've tried to post a comment several times in the last few days about Phil Olley's unit of Tarleton helmeted artillery, but the comment won't take. It simply disappears without explanation whenever I click on the publish button. Phil, if you're reading this, your battery is lovely. I might just have to bite the bullet and order some of those same Tradition British RHA figures and guns myself, though I'm leaning toward pink coats with light blue facings and turnbacks rather than the Brigadier's apparent dark blue or grey. There's nothing like seeing another guy's exellently turned out figures to reinvigorate one's own painting and collecting efforts!


johnpreece said...

Pink coats for the RHA!! Don't say things like that, I shall need a stiff drink after reading that.

I thought grey was dangerously avant guarde.

tradgardmastare said...

Tradgardland Rose (sorry pink) that is a superb colour- go for it!


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