18 November 2009

A Small Milestone and Other Errata. . .

Sometime in the night, the number of visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen passed the 80,000 mark. Not bad for slightly over three years. I imagine cannon are going off, to mark the occasion, around the city of Krankenstadt in the Grand Duchy of Stollen as the sun rises this morning!

The writing spirit seized me over the weekend, so I've been taking a couple of days away from the painting table to work on "the wargaming book". Remember that? This particular chapter is a longer one, and, remarkably, it seems almost as if it is writing itself. I have done considerable work with young Paul asleep in my lap. It's almost finished, and then the time comes for proofreading and editing, to make things more concise and cohesive.

Many of the intended chapters are finished with not that much outstanding work remaining other than some reorganization of said chapters and adding a few other bits and pieces. But I think it should not be too terribly much longer before I'll have a finsihed product to show publishers, and then we'll see.

Finally, have a look at the Hinchliffe Range (link at right under "Links"), now sold by Hinds Miniatures in the U.K. While I don't especially like the 18th century figures themselves (funny pposes with spindly legs and odd looking horses), there is all manner of equipment that might be suitable for use in your old school games, including various 25mm bridges, wagons, carts, barrels, gabions, and etc. And you need to click on the different periods to find everything as it's not all listed under the generic title of "25mm Equipment".

In particular, there is a pontoon bridge set, mentioned by Charles S. Grant in The War Game Companion, that has caught my eye. And possibly just in time for Christmas.
We'll have to see if I can manage to get my letter written and sent to Santa Claus/Father Christmas in time for the big day. In any case, adding items like these to one's collection would open up all kinds of additional Grantian scenario possibilities for actions and battles of various types on the table top. Just think of the potential!

In the meantime, it's back to those Austrian cuirassiers this evening to finish their red saddlecloths. Charge!


A J said...

Congratulations on the milestone!

I echo your thoughts on Hinchliffe figures. They do look spindly, but I have to say their artillery pieces are second to none.

johnpreece said...

Your blog is one of lifes small pleasures. I can always be assured that I will enjoy a cup of coffee more while perusing yor entries.


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