30 November 2009

Second Cuirassier Squadron Nears Completion!!!

Here's the first of several photographs I discovered on our other digital camera that were taken during last spring's Battle of Saegewerkdorf between Jef Hudelson and me. . . The game that was flooded out after only two turns! :-( Above are the Stollenian generals, surveying their position just to the southeast of the village.

Here is the extreme left of the Stollenian line before advancing on Saegewerkdorf.

Here is the battery of Stagonian artillery that caused a fair amount of trouble opposite of Stollen's right flank.

One of the primary targets of that artillery was Stollen's cavalry arm, the 4th (Trakehnen) Dragoons.

And here is the opposite end of Stollen's infantry line, occupied by the 2nd (Von Laurenz) Musketeers.

No photo quite yet, but the second batch of Anspach-Beyreuth Kuirassiere is just about finished. One more tiny thing to paint, then it's onto touching up a few black areas, followed by my usual two coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish. Despite the "excitement" of the last month or so, I've still managed to make painting progress little by little and bit by bit. A pretty good thing given how much less free time there is than just a few short weeks ago. ;-) Young Paul is actually napping at this moment in his sleeping sack on my lap. No apparent interest in wargaming, playing the guitar, or cross country skiing quite yet, but he is trying to hold his head up and look around whenever he is awake.

So, only nine cuirassier figures left to paint, and with the university semester ending on Friday, I'll have a bit more spare time to do that. Epecially during the nights since I am taking over for the Grand Duchess once a modicum of sleep and the need to appear cognizent in front of my students are no longer necessary. And when Paul decides to sleep, guess who's going to roll his desk chair over to the painting table? If all goes well, I expect to have the entire regiment finished well before Christmas.

And then it's onto that regiment of Holger Eriksson cavalry purchased last summer. Or perhaps another unit of RSM infantry but in tricorns this time. Or maybe a two-gun battery and crew? Or possibly several additional mounted generals and their ADCs? Of course, I could just have a lie-down now and peruse issue #20 of Battlegames, which arrived in the mail earlier this afternoon. Don't you just hate having to make up your mind like that?


Bluebear Jeff said...

You, my friend, have a veritable plethora of blessings . . . which upsets me not at all. Enjoy all of them, good sir.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Always enjoy seeing photos of your fine armies...

tradgardmastare said...

Spring photos are excellent and inspiring.I look forward to the next game .

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Stokes - any plans to finish that game with Jeff??

Snickering Corpses said...

Glad to hear you've been able to continue with your painting with the cooperation of the new arrival :)


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