24 November 2009

A New Game of Toy Soldiers Is in the Works. . .

After enjoying issue #19 of Battlegames several times over the past few days, I've decided to set up my 6'x8' table once more this weekend and prepare for a solo game next month after the academic term ends on December 4th (It's about time!). So, this time, I'm going to take a crack at the Table Top Teaser in that issue, which is a two-part game, featuring a smaller preliminary action, followed by a larger set-piece affair.

I believe I have enough figures for the latter, especially if I reduce the force size a bit as the Grants (Charles Jr. and Charles S.) suggest at the end of their teaser. And I've even got a few 6' lengths of foam packing material to make the additional hills I'll need. Might need to replenish my supply of Olympic "Meadow Green" latex paint though, so that I can give the new slopes a couple of good coats before setting up the figures.

Goody, goody, goody!!!
This game/project should be fun since I haven't had the table up following the Great Flood of May '09, which some of you might recall brought the e-refight of Sawmill Village between Jeff Hudelson and me to a premature end. When I informed the Grand Duchess of my plans late last night as we read in bed and took turns with Young Paul, she just rolled her eyes skyward. Can you imagine? Wives!


Bluebear Jeff said...


I am glad that the vile Stagonians did not permanently deter you from the tabletop.

As for the foam packing, it is a good idea to give the edges a good coat of white glue to strengthen them before painting them. The edges are always the weak point of foam hills.

I will look forward to your photos and battle report even though my troops will not be involved this time.

-- Jeff

andygamer said...

It sounds like the Duchess needs an "I love you for being you, honey" siege train to go with the Valentine's Day one from last year.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Just a roll of the eyes? What no "tut" to go with it? Man you got it easy!!

Der Alte Fritz said...

Uh oh, this is how it begins. First the wife/girlfriend thinks that our hobby is quaint. Then they evolve to the "eye rolling" stage. Outright disdain is further down this path. Look out. Volunteer to take care of young Paul one evening and tell her to have a night out with the girls. that will fix it.

Martin said...

Yea verily! Pay heed to Brother Alte Fritz's sound advice Young Stokes lest wifely wroth come betwixt ye and the Sacred Hobby! The Master Of The Holy Closet O'Lead knows well where the path of Matrimonial Bliss is broad and firm!


guy said...

V sound advice from DAF. You need to arrange a night out for her with her girlfriends asp. Second step is arrange a paid for bottle of wine to be waiting for them on arrival. That will immediately throw them off your scent and the girlfriends will all round on their husbands/partners and say what utter load of so and so's they are in comparison. You can then have a peaceful night in with the son and heir watching war films. Cost minimal. Brownie points v high.


jmilesr said...

I've learned one thing with my wife and wargaming - it's always better to announce one's intentions on a after-the-fact basis rather than a before-the-fact basis. You'll get the same eye-rolling routine at least one's actions can't be prevented.

This advice only works if one stays within a pre-set spending limit - if you exceed that your on your own!

Happy Thanksgiving


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