28 November 2009

A Bit More Painting Progress on the RSM Cuirrasiers. . .

An Orson Welles inspired shot (hee, hee), showing my painting area and the middle squadron of the Anspach-Beyreuth Kuirassiere just before coloring in the saddle cloths with red.

A poor quality close-up photograph of that same second squadron.

A couple of brief painting sessions today enabled me to finish the white/silver edging of the saddle cloths and fill in the remaining black areas carefully with red. Next up, it's onto the swords, scabbards, and associated bits. We're getting very close to finishing this batch of figures, and hopefully, if Young Paul cooperates, I can finish and varnish them within the week. Famous last words. . . Ok, ok, wipe those wry grins off your faces, please!


Poacher said...

Such an organised approach to painting!!!

I could almost hate you!! :-)

tidders said...

Your cuirassiers are coming along very nicely

-- Allan


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