02 November 2009

Bit by bit, we're adjusting. . .

Just a quick off-topic post. Everything is going well in our new life with "Sir Paul" though we are tired for much of the time due to all of the normal kinds of things that occur in caring for a newborn at home, but we are taking the time for sit-down dinners together in the evenings once Paul has had his late afternoon feeding.

Speaking of the devil, the baby is setting down and sleeping for a bit longer during the evenings and nights, and the Grand Duchess Sonja is up and around as if she never even had surgery less than a week ago. Paul was very calm, wide awake, and inquisitive during his first post-hospital check-up with the pediatrician this afternoon, watching the doctor and his mother converse through the entire 20 minute exam. Sonja has a brief visit with her doctor tomorrow for a post-birth follow-up, but she looks and feels really good all things considered. Needless to say, she's a real trooper.

Now, believe it or not, I have just been ordered to the painting table for 90 minutes while the Grand Duchess nurses Paul and puts him down for the evening. . . or at least a couple of hours!

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