11 October 2009

What's black, white, and red all over?

Why, a newspaper of course! Moldy, old jokes aside, Austrian (Stollenian) cuirassiers are also black, white, and red all over. And so, here are a couple of new photo updates, showing where we stand with the first squadron of the Anspach (Von Heide's) Cuirassiers. All of the white has been applied as have the red turnbacks and facings and the brown hair.

Here's another view from the other side of the table ;-). Next up, the red breeches and saddle cloths with gold lace for the officer and yellow for the men. The actual Anspach regiment had silver/white lace I believe, but I'm not worried by my apparent error much. They'll serve in a fictitious army anyway, so a rather generic appearance is fine with me.

Finally, everybody has to get in on the act! Lately, the Grand Ducal feline, Princess Rannveig, has taken to hopping from the table up onto my shoulders and sitting as I work at the computer or paint. Her balance is still pretty amazing for a 15-year-old cat. So, she sits next to my cheek, purrs, and oocasiaonally seems very interested in what I'm currently working on while I talk quietly to her. My chatter apparently satisfies some need Rannveig has, becuase she'll eventually leave of her own accord after 15-20 minutes and return to her food dish in the kitchen or lounge somewhere on the first or second floor of the house.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Our 16-year-old female cat also sometimes stands on my shoulders like that. She leans into the back of my head for more support/security.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Thankfully my cat doesn't do that. He weighs 14 lbs! :)

Frankfurter said...

I've had some cats do that.
Franny, my oldest, however, likes to get on the back of the chair and then to slide down between the chair and my back!

Martin said...

Our cat "Pouncer" has just started doing the same thing. I detect the outlines of a "Cat-spiracy". What's next? Cryptic messages in the litter box?!

Keep plugging away Stokes! That was a great action shot.


Capt Bill said...

Our newest kitten, Lord Nelson, is really a terrorist. His elders, Skipper and Capt Butler, just can't relax with all of his antics. Hopeful life will settle down as Lord Nelson matures....


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