27 August 2009

A White-washin' Aunt Polly's Fence??!!

Is it really true? Will Stokes be painting a fence like Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer? Not exactly.

For the next few days, I'll actually be a paintin' the future room of "Little Nimbus" as the several gallons of primer and Flaxen yellow paint plus rollers, roller pans, brushes, and the like -- now waiting on the floor of the bedroom next to ours -- will attest.

Yep, I'll just be a paintin' fool through the weekend while the Grand Duchess attends her baby shower on Saturday with her mother and sister, who arrive this evening for a few days. Now, some of you might be thinking to yourselves, "Well, Stokes, that's either plain old dumb luck, or very astute planning!" I'll never tell. ;-)

By the way, for those who might be scratching their heads, Little Nimbus is the name by which we refer to the future heir to the Grand Duchy of Stollen since we are waiting until the baby is born before we learn its sex. We have specific names all picked out whatever the case may be, but "Little Nimbus" is vague enough to work for both a boy or a girl until the big day. And where, prey tell, did we come up with this delightful name?

Well, about three or four years ago, The Grand Duchess was in a particularly dark mood one afternoon when she arrived home. I finally remarked that she was like a looming dark cloud. A Cumulonimbus cloud to be precise. When I slapped the label of Surly Nimbus on her later that evening, it had the desired effect, causing Sonja to break into gales of laughter, and the evil spell was broken. The fair Grand Duchess was restored to a pleasnt mood. Afterwards, whenever we have discussed the future heir to Stollen, we refer jokingly to him/her as "Little Nimbus".


Snickering Corpses said...

Good luck with your room-painting, my friend. And I love the story of Little Nimbus. Besides, every kid needs a nickname to live down, which can be trotted out to embarrass them before future dates. ;)

Martin said...

Evening Stokes,

Hummm...Dumb luck vs. Prior Planning...I vote for dumb luck since no amount of planning will replace it. Ha, ha.

Just remember that when you're painting the room, it doesn't need to be as detailed as one of your wargame figures. Once "Little Nimbus" makes his/her way into the world, you'll just have to find the Disney Winnie The Pooh Movie, so you can learn all the words to "I'm Just A Little Black Raincloud".

S.C. has it right. Why, my daughter Kate still bristles when we call her "Briar Rose".

Stryker said...

I really wanted to call one of our kids Rumpelstiltskin but on both occasions was out voted. Still don't understand why it was rejected...


guy said...

Children's names- our eldest is Hebe and the codename was Bruno after a favorite dog of mine. There hadn't been a baby girl born in the male side of the family for over a century so we were pretty convinced it was going to be a boy. The delightful west Indian nurse couldn't quite get Hebe so called her Hubbabaloo. She still gets called this 14 years later.



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