02 August 2009

Some more painting to report. . .

Happy to report that I am almost (just ALMOST) finished with the application of white to this final company of Von Flickenhoffer's Fusiliers. The coats and shoulder belts are now completed, leaving the musket straps and neck ruffles along with the officer's gloves. I'll complete these tomorrow evening before moving onto the mid-blue facings, which are limited to the cuffs only for this particular regiment. So, the completion of this particular step should be a fairly rapid and trouble-free process.

Then, if there is time, and I still feel like it, white wigs for the company officer and Regimental Sergeant Major (a recently discovered an extra fusilier figure I didn't realize I had in the lead pile), with brown hair for everyone else. That leaves only some metal bits here and there, brown musket stocks, and leather bayonet scabbards. And then, I think the entire regiment will be all done save for two coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish.

Could the end actually be in store for our hero? Will he survive to paint another 80-figure regiment? And what evil plot could be the cause of his current painting neurosis? Don't miss the answers to these exciting questions, boys and girls in our next episode! Tune in at the same time tomorrow for the continuing adventures of. . . Old School Miniatures Painting Boy!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'll keep my computer tuned to this station.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

You might want to consider "Cliff Hanger" as your nome de plume!

Giles said...

Looking good, Stokes. I find white very boring to paint, so I admire your industry with a whole battalion's worth!

Best wishes


Stokes Schwartz said...

Giles, yes I agree. White is DEFINITELY not the most exciting color to paint. Especially with an 80-figure regiment. I think I have reached that critical point -- painting fatigue, and it's primarily due to white, white, white for the last few months. But, I'm almost finished now.

Best Regards,



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