29 August 2009

Priming, priming, priming. . . Gotta keep on priming. . .

Here's a shot of some of my supplies. The three cans of primer are just out of sight to the left of the photograph. The three cans you see are the "Flax" light golden yellow. I e-mailed a copy of this photo to good ol' Mom and entitled it "My Blue Period". One way or another, my life is approximating Picasso's right now! ;-)

After almost six hours of work, with a short lunch break, I have managed to apply a coat of white universal primer to all four walls of the future nursery. No photos of that, but I thought I'd post a couple of what the room used to look like before I got started today. A previous occupant of the room painted all four walls this mid-blue color.

As much as I liked applying a similar shade of blue to the facings of the recently finished 80-figure unit of fusiliers, it just doesn't work as an interior color. At least not when it covers all four walls. So, a primer was necessary to ensure good coverage when I apply the flaxen yellow tomorrow. Hopefully that job will go fairly quickly. What took lots of time today was trimming in the primer with a brush around all of the woodwork and along the baseboards and ceiling. I did the hard part first, and then applied everything else with a roller, which I think was all finished inside of two hours. Whew! It's time to put up my feet!!!

And the title of this picture is -- "Ladder awaits". You get a good sense of how dark this room was although sunshine comes through these southward facing windows for a good part of the day. It should be quite different once I have the flaxen yellow applied. Photos of the finished work to follow.


Grimsby Mariner said...

I like those tall windows. Somehow american houses always seem better designed than this side of the pond. Watching home improvement shows from the US makes me envious of the space, light and design that you take for granted - that ands the abundant use of wood.

Anonymous said...

Oh, rather you than me Stokes. I hate decorating, and usually leave all that to my cousin, who does it for a living...brrr! Even the thought of it makes my blood run cold.


tidders said...

"Flax" light golden yellow - sounds like a nice colour; that dark blue will take some covering

happy painting

-- Allan


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