22 August 2009

Grand Duchy of Stollen Blog Nearing 70,000 visits!!!

An illustration not of Irwin-Amadeus II and his manservant Hives, but of Frederick II and the philosopher Voltaire in the study at Sans Souci Palace, which the Grand Duchess and I visited one wonderfully sunny, warm Saturday this June while in Germany. It was an indescribably delightful time!

I notice from the counter at the right of the page here that Irwin-Amadeus II, his trusty English valet Hives, and company are getting very close to 70,000 visits since August 2006. I believe there have been something in the neighborhood of 6,000 since mid-June alone! At any rate, I encourage lurkers and newcomers, who may never have left a comment or suggestion here, to take a few moments to introduce yourself and tell the rest of us about your own wargaming/painting/collecting/reading interests. It's always loads of fun to hear from others about their particular interpretation of the wargaming hobby. Charge!!!


Stryker said...

Hi Stokes

Make that 69,979! Keep it up as there is seldom a day goes by when I don't take a trip to Stollen.

Kind Regards

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, my friend, I am #69990 . . . only ten more to go.

As for my hobby experiences, my last game was called on account of rain . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Hope I put you over the top!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

how do you do it that is approximately 23,000 visitors a year Cavenderia is near the one year anniversary and I only have 13000 and with a bump from being featured on the miniatures page. Congratulations.

Wolff said...

Hi Stokes,

I've been lurking here for I think
nearly a year now. Quite honestly I don't know when I started visiting the Grand Duchy. I stumbled across Paul's blog about Grimsby Wargaming and saw some of your comments and began following your adventures. I really enjoy reading your blog. I check it almost once per day.

I am a newbie to the hobby and I mainly play Warhammer 40k and the WWII genre. I have always wanted to get into miniature wargaming and finally started in 2007.

My name is Ryan and I'm from Portland, Oregon. Portland has a healthy gaming community and some great local game shops and clubs.

Anyway, congrats on the number of hits and the success of your project. I decided to post due to your encouragement of lurkers like me to say hello. I really enjoy the blog and I think it's great you share more than wargaming on it. I wish I had your discipline when it comes to painting. I don't have an army nearly that big and it's all in various stages of not being finished. Thanks again, and I'm definitely going to try that recipe you posted recently. :)


Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you, men! And thanks to Ryan for dropping in to say "Hello". Glad to know you Ryan!

Best Regards,


rf2peter said...

Hello again Stokes,

I've introduced myself a long time ago, we've exchanged a few messages and I'm still a big fan. I'm impressed by and admire the way you singlemindedly stick to your project. It really is the only way to make it happen. I visit almost daily, hoping to find new posts.
I also finally ordered my first batch of 7YW figures.
Do you use the same primer (liquitex, was it?)for both plastic and metal models?

Peter (from Belgium)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello again Peter,

Yes, I remember you. Good to hear from you. Thanks for continuing to drop in.

Best Regards,



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