29 August 2009

A Fantastic New Range of Horses by EBob. . .

The new range of EBob horses come in two or three different sizes, all within the 28mm range, and are cast in two halves, allowing one to mix and match different horse halves for a varied "look" to your cavalry units. They certainly are lovely!

Trolling around the Miniatures Page a short while ago, I came across what is promoted as a new range of 28mm horses for commercial use. They are, to say the least, some of the very best miniature horses I have ever seen. The prices are steep, but apparently you are also paying for the commercial license to produce and sell these castings. Price notwithstanding, here's the link: http://www.ebobminiatures.com/products/horses.htm. Ok, enough time wasting here, men. I've got me a nursery to prime!

1 comment:

tidders said...

Those certainly are nice horses

-- Allan


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