23 August 2009

And here they are -- the 7th (von Flickenhoffer's) Fusiliers!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the fourth company of fusiliers -- all done and varnished with two coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish. Nice and shiny they are too! On a few figures, you'll notice, I need to retouch the green bases, but that will only take a few minutes when I sit down after supper this evening.

Here is a somewhat close-up shot of the company NCO and a few of his charges as well as the 3rd company to their rear. Two coats of clear glossy varnish seem to approximate that Peter Gilder-esque look, which I have grown to prefer over the last few years. Two coats are glossier than a single coat too. I read somewhere online that Mr. Gilder wanted his figures to look like tiny porcelain miniatures, hence the glossy finish he used. For a classic wargaming project like the Grand Duchy of Stollen project, that's just the sort of appearance I hope to impart to my troops.

Here is a higher angle, third photograph, showing the entire regiment on parade. And to think, I've only been working on them since last December! Where on earth has the time gone? Well, it has been on again-off again in the intervening months with a couple of games, time abroad in June, and the ever-looming student essays to read and correct plus band activities. Presumably, I could have finished the unit more rapidly without these other distractions, but no harm done I suppose.

And last of all, another shot of the entire unit of von Flickenhoffer's Fusiliers for good measure with Colonel von Flickenhoffer himself atop his lively steed just behind the color party. My, how martial and menacing they appear! Is it any wonder that only three companies of these seasoned troops cleared Saegewerkdorf of blue-coated Stollenians (when the former doubled as vile Stagonia's Du Lepps Fusiliers) in the truncated e-refight of Sawmill Village between Jeff Hudelson and me this past spring?

Addendum. . .

And where do we stand with the Grand Duchy of Stollen project?

Total Painted Figures in Army of Zichenau -- 309/318. . . Only nine hussars (one squadron) left to paint.

Total Painted Figures in Army of Stollen -- 226/433. . . Several units and more mounted officers are left to paint.

Total Figures in GD of S Project -- 751 (Does not include generals and ADCs)

Figures Painted to Date -- 535 (Does not include generals and ADCs)

Painting Half-way Point -- 375.5

And sometime in the night, we rounded the 70,000 visits mark. Thank you to one and all!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very impressive, my friend. They look great . . . especially in those high shots where we can appreciate the whole unit.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Handsome lads, all!

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent and impressive! Congratulations on nearing the completion of the Zichenauer forces!


Excellent. Der Direktors are very interested...not to mention highly impressed, well done.


Snickering Corpses said...

An impressive sight indeed, my friend. I'm so glad you were able to finish it!

Are you going to try to do the last squadron of Zichenua's troops next, or start on another Stollenian unit?

tidders said...

Hoorah for the boys in white !

A lovely looking unit. Keep up the good work.

-- Allan

Giles said...

A wonderful looking unit and a great effort, Stokes. The white uniforms are superb.

Best wishes


Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks, men!!!

Best Regards,


Ken said...

Very handsome. If the mess will forgive a question, can matt spray varnish be used over Future? I've got a large number of soft 1/72 plastics, the paint jobs of which I want to protect. I could go shiny, if Dullcote won't play nicely with Future...


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