22 July 2009

Zvezda Prussian Grenadier Sets Spotted. . .

Here is some of the box art from the new Prussian Grenadier figure set by Zvezda. What took them so long?

The much anticipated mid-18th century Prussian grenadiers by Zvezda seem to be on sale in some areas. Wonderland Models of Great Britain has them, and here is the link:


No details on the contents of each package, or a breakdown of the available poses, but the price seems awfully good at about 5.60 GBP per set. So, if you're waiting for these -- and I know many are -- get thee to the Wonderland website and order a few boxes.


Fire at Will said...

Stokes, use this link for pictures of the sprues


Mad Carew said...

They look good. I think Zvezda really do make some of the best plastic figures around.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Agreed -- Thanks for the link, Will. I wish they had included a mounted colonel in the set though. :-(

Ken said...

If only Zvezda would do Austrian Hungarians. Heck, if only anyone would.

Prince Henry The Navigator said...


I stay just outside Edinburgh, hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow. I'll post some pics, when I get them

Xaltotun of Python said...

For keeping an eye on plastic figures generally, have you come across this site yet? - very useful:



Marc the plastics fan said...

Hi Stokes

Excellent news on the bump - wishing you and Lady Stokes the very best and a smooth delivery.

Zvezda Grenadiers - I have bought a test box and the are VERY nice. I will now get 8 boxes and make up 4 full 48 troop units and 4 half (24's) with full 5 person command each. the marching and standing figures are excellent. Detail is stunningly clear.

I have seen some moaning that the ensign has a mitre not a bicorne - small price to pay for such great figures. It is a bit of a shame that you moved to metal as these are so much better than the old Revells.

guy said...

Hi Stokes,

Just back from hols in Cefalonia in Greece(Captain Corelli's island) and catching up with your blog and the excellent news about the Zvesda release. Thanks to Will for the link to see the box contents and i'll be buying at least 4 or 5 boxes. Shame they didn't do a mounted officer as I would have liked to have another figure to use as a staff officer etc. Also today I had an e-mail from GMB flags who are now doing Austrian cavalry standards if you are interested. I have sent my plea to him for some Reicharmee flags. I'm sure Zvesda will not stop at the grenadiers and I think we can look forward to some opposition although I suspect they will do the Russians.



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