02 June 2009

And now the drying out can begin!!!

Well, after rapidly gathering my soldiers back into their plastic tubs and taking the table down this morning, the several days of drying out can take place in the next room (grumble, grumble). As I mentioned yesterday, it really wasn't that tragic. There was never any standing water, and nothing was damaged, but the carpet was thoroughly soaked. Sopping wet might be a more apt term. So, I've taken it up off the concrete floor, emptied the dehumidifier, and restarted it. It ran all night long and was almost full this morning.

When this happened early last fall, it took about five days for everything in that part of Zum Stollenkeller to dry out completely. Fortunately, the room where my office is and the central part of the basement, where my band keeps its equipment and practices, doesn't seem to take in water when we have really heavy rain. It just seems to be one corner of the furnace room and the room where my gaming table resides.

I suppose it could be much worse than the forced conclusion of a game. The colonial-era stone farmhouse where I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania regularly got 3/4" or more of water in it when we had heavy summer rains, despite having a concrete floor and drain. The reason had to do with a high water table in the area and several natural springs around my grandparents' land on which the house sat. And there was a stream about twenty-five feet in front of the house that came up out of its banks after heavy rains several times each spring and summer, which didn't always help things either. Sigh. Well, at least the Grand Duchess and I don't have those problems!


tradgardmastare said...

Sorry to hear about the probs you have encountered of late- hope things get better for you very soon.
best wishes

Frankfurter said...

Very glad that there seems to be more irritation than serious damage!

Frankfurter said...

Very glad that there seems to be more irritation than serious damage!

Snickering Corpses said...

Sorry to hear about the problems. We've got two spots that do that in our basement, but only when the rain is hard AND from a particular direction. :(

As for the defeat of arms, not so. Our esteemed General is in need of a better publicist. While he may have taken the heavier casualties, his press agent should be loudly trumpeting that he valiantly and successfully prevented the taking of the village before the rains ended the battle.

This is how one maintains one's position in the eyes of court.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Indeed, wasn't this invasion driven off?

Assuredly the soil remains in possession of Irwin-Amadeus II and not in possession of Koenig Ludwig the Vile of Stagonia.

That's how I would report it to the Grand Duke . . . the invaders have been driven from Stollenian lands.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hi Stokes,

Last year I was the victim of a flodded basement. (The remodelling continues to this day.) Do you have a sump pump and a battery powered back up sump pump? As I found out to my bitter regret, both are necessary for a dry basement.

The Markgraaf has vowed that Raubenstadt will rise from the ooze - stronger, faster, drier than before!


Capt Bill said...

Glad to hear the flooding was not as bad as it could have been. As we have no basements in Florida, flooding here takes on a whole new meaning.Dry out quickly and resume the war!!!

guy said...

Also sorry to hear about the problems. However to take your mind off it, on TMP there is a link to the Russian Zvezsda site where not only in the future release section is the coloured box artwork of the prussian grenadiers but also a v interesting model of a germanic medieval house which I'm sure may be of use.



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