04 May 2009

Musketry Fire About to Commence!

Coming post-dinner later this evening: a vicious firefight for Saegewerkdorf! In the above photograph, you can see the village buildings with their outter shells removed, revealing how many soldiers are stationed within each building along with some troops still in close order in the streets and village square. Even if General von Drednoz, er. . . Jeff Hudelson and I are only marginally lucky with the dice, it's likely to be a bloodbath within Saegewerkdorf itself. And that's not even considering the vollies between to the two lines of infantry just off to the lower left in this photograph! Fortunately, we both moved our artillery this turn, so those units are not free to fire.

Not nearly as much is happening this turn on the southern edge of the battlefield, but it still seemed like a good idea to at least show how many jaegers are actually placed inside each of the two buildings here in the picture above. Looks like five figures in the house on the left and three in the gate on the right.

One thing these photos have brought home to me -- I need to make my inner ruins less cluttterd with pieces of balsa and crumbled cork, so I can more easily station 6-8 figures inside each building. That, and I'll be sure to redo a few of these "ruined" bases this summer after our German jaunt more along the lines of Phil Olley's Sittangbad buildings or those by the Grants as seen in The War Game and The War Game Companion. Just plainer gray with a few stones or bricks picked out in felt tip pen and no attempt to render a dark ashen look with black. The plain light-mid gray makes the figures show up more prominently. you can see what I mean in the top photograph with two of the newer townhouses.

Any future townhouses/barns/churches/windmills/village halls or church I assemble will be slightly more uniform in the amount of table top they cover too. Again, I want most structures to hold 6-8 figures, roughly half a company at most, depending on whether the troops are from a jager/grenzer battalion, or a larger infantry regiment.

Speaking of Mr. Olley, he has just updated his website with a new Broadside, featuring the latest unit to come off the painting table along with a few command vignettes. Find and click on the link to Phil's War Cabinet at right for a real visual treat. Obviously, the figure painting is first rate, but the flags continue to bowl me over with each new one Phil turns out!


Fitz-Badger said...

As always your pictures are inspiring and fun to look at! I agree that the gray, less cluttered building bases look better with your style of game/minis/terrain.

Bluebear Jeff said...


I really like the looks of those Grenadiers you've painted . . . really nicely painted miters especially.

-- Jeff

Steve Turner said...


I've learned not to visit Phil's site too often, because he breaks my heart everytime I see his figures.
By the way, I also like your own figures, especially the colour schemes you choose.



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