02 May 2009

Turn Two Begins. . .

Here's a view the general situation at the start of Turn #2, following movement of the troops by General von Drednoz and General von Drosselmaier respectively.

On his far left flank, von Drednoz has moved and deployed his artillery battery and the first squadron of his cuirassiers. Both units are now much closer to von Drosselmaier's right flank and his regiment of 4th Dragoons (barely visible in the distance here), which are acting as a reserve in the sector of the battlefield.

General von Drednoz has moved the du Lepp's Fusiliers into Saegewerkdorf itself, with the first company occupying one building, and the second company occupying another. The third company of fusiliers waits just to the west of the village ready to fire down the street into Saegewerkdorf should the situation warrant it. Not to be outdone, General von Drosselmaier had a similar idea, and so his Leib Grenadiers had orders to move into and occupy the village too! They control the two buildings in the eastern (right) half of Saegewerkdorf at the moment.

Here is a second photograph of the situation within the village at this point.

And here is yet a third picture, this time of the northern side of Saegewerkdorf. The third company of du Lepp's Fusiliers is just out of sight, just beyond the lower right-hand corner of the photograph, poised to unleash a blistering fusilade into the village if their officers and NCOs order them to do so.

Meanwhile, on the southern flank of the battle, General von Drednoz has withdrawn his hussars to a slightly safer place, out of range of von Drosselmaier's company of Jaeger zu Fuss positioned in that area.

But across the battlefield, von Drednoz has moved his two companies of Grosfurzen Grenzers into close range with the remaining Jager zu Fuss there. However, they have been leavened by a half-company of the stalwart Leib Grenadiers, who can be seen on the background of this photograph.

Back on the southern edge of the battlefield, you can see that the second company of Jaeger zu Fuss has moved into the buildings there, with only a few remaining outside to act as sentries and keep a close eye on those pesky hussars.

General von Drosselmaier has moved up his battery of artillery on his left flank, so that it stays relatively close to his 11th Engineer Battalion and Leib grenadiers, who now occupy a line stretching from the built up area (occupied by the second company of Jaeger zu Fuss) northeast to the edge of Seagewerkdorf itself.,

Finally, here is a shot of that line, Stagonia's von Hirschbock Grenadiers and a company of the du Lepp's Fusiliers on the left, facing Stollen's 11th Engineers and a company of the Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers on the right. Me thinks the game is about to become fast and furious!


Capt Bill said...

We shall soon see how the worm turns!

justMike said...

Well done Stokes. The whole thing so reminds me of Peter Young's CHARGE. Among all of us, you continue to capture the essence of those 1960's rules sets. Again, well done.


Fitz-Badger said...

Great pics! I agree with justMike. Having only recently read Charge!, and only slightly less recently The War Game and the Companion - you do seem to capture that style very well. Very appealing, too.

May Stollen emerge victorious!


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