23 May 2009

A Quick Post Today. . .

The Grand Duchess and I are talking between Berlin and Bloomington via Skype in just a few minutes, so a quick post is in order. The Garrison Prussian artillery crew samples arrived in the mail earlier this afternoon, and they are wonderful. Their size falls between the Revell plastics and the RSM95s the make up most of the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection, and I will send a full order and payment information to Rob Young at Garrison later today or tomorrow. I'm also treating myself to a regiment of Holger Eriksson cavalry, mentioned a few posts back, and will send the order to Peter Johnstone at Spencer Smith Miniatures later this weekend as well.

Whew! Just finished mowing the grass in the front and back, which, since we have had no rain in the last several days, was a hot, dusty job. But it's all done for another week. Finally, in amongst all of the other "real life" stuff currently vying for time, my band The Indras has landed several paying gigs over the next several months. Find out more by visiting our MySpace page at: www.myspace.com/presentingtheindras.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I hope that you and the Grand Duchess have a good chat.

I sent you my orders for our Charge game last Sunday night . . . did you get them? Any idea when you'll have time to translate them to the table?

-- Jeff

John Clements said...

I'm very pleased you like the Garrison figures as they have always been favourites of mine and I used them for most of my active gaming in previous years. I sold mine a while back so look forward to seeing yours when painted up.

Anonymous said...

If you need rain for your grass, I can package some up and send it over from the UK. We've had more than enough of the stuff.



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