11 May 2009

A New General and ADC. . .

Meet General Nikolai von Frobenius (left) and his faithful ADC Captain Erik Skjoldbjaerg (right). Von Frobenius, on hearing that his ancestral estate may be in danger of falling into Stagonian hands, has taken indefinite leave from his post in the Russian army and raced home to offer assistance to Stollen's General von Drosselmaier. He is accompanied by Captain Skjoldbjaerg, a Dane who served von Frobenius faithfully through the entire Seven Years' War.

Save for a couple of minor touch-ups with the paintbrush and two coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish, the two are ready to join General von Drosselmaier and Major von Kallweitschen outside of Saegewerkdorf. Perhaps von Frobenius will be able to alter the course of events on the battlefield?


abdul666 said...

What a dashing pair! Will inspire the troops to heroic (if rash?) deeds, no doubts.

PS: Off-topic, what were the results of the 'Favorite 18th C. movie' poll? My own votes were / are 'unconventional': 'The Scarlet Empress' and 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'.

Giles said...

Incredibly dynamic figures! You've done them justice, Stokes - a lovely couple of officers to add to your collection.

Best wishes


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

.."alter the course of events on the battlefield"?? Unlikely - they seem to be having trouble controlling their mounts!! :o)))

Seriously - nice work, Stokes!

tidders said...

Thse guys look full of action - this may get the Stollen army going ?


tradgardmastare said...

Looking great Stokes - have you bought a copy of FLW yet & any thoughts of going 40mm/54mm soon?
best wishes

littlejohn said...

Love those RSMs!

Fitz-Badger said...

They certainly look like men of action! Let's hope they can put some "oopmh" into the Stollenenian efforts.


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