10 May 2009

Late in Turn Two. . .

Here is a panoramic photograph, more or less, from the northeast, looking toward the southwest. Closest to the camera are Stollen's Jaeger zu Fuss and just four Leib Grenadiers (on the left), facing General von Drednoz's red-coated Grosfurzen Grenzers on the right. In the middle distance, the rest of the Leib Grenadiers and 11th Engineer Battalion (left) are facing the might of Stagonia's von Hirschbock Grenadiers (right). In the village, a few Leib Grenadiers face a strong force of Du Lepp's Fusiliers, including a full-strength company just outside Saegewerkdorf to the west. And in the far distance, von Drednoz's hussars await further orders along with the two companies of sappers, one of which occupies the sawmill complex itself just before the wooded area at right.

In this picture, General von Drosselmaier's reserve of infantry and two guns are clearly visible. Farther afield, you can see Von Drednoz's three squadrons of cuirassiers and battery of artillery along the northern edge of the battlefield (next to the vintage 1970s aritficial "wood" paneling at right).

This view is from the southwest toward the northeast, providing a good vantage point to observe the alarmingly thinned out Stollenian front line of infantry. You can also see where the Stollenian guns and cavalry reserve are located relative to the rest of the troops on the table.

This fourth view of the battlefield is more or less looking toward the east. Again, it gives a very good idea of the positions held by General von Drosselmaier's reserve infantry and cavalry. The troops barely visible in the far distance are Stollenian casualties organized into their parent companies, but not yet returned to their plastic storage tubs. Finally, at the bottom of this photograph, you can also just make out General von Drednoz's two companies of sappers, one in the sawmill complex itself, and the other acting as a second line of reserves for the von Hirschbock Grenadiers.

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Fitz-Badger said...

So the battle grinds slowly on, like those old cartoons/movies, where the villain twirls his moustachio while the log with trussed heroine inches into the spinning saw blade (and yet never seems to get very close until the last minute just in time for the hero to appear to the rescue).

Towards Drednoz and the Stagonians - "booo, hiss..."
Where is the Stollenian hero?


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