10 May 2009

I've got an acute case of table envy!!!

While clearing away the model soldier casualties and snapping a few digital photographs this afternoon, it occurred to me to measure my table and room dimensions. And guess what? One more folding table will enable me to increase my table size from 6'x8' to 6'x 10'! I already have the necessary exta three 2' squares at hand and all painted and ready to go.

Once everything has been rearranged, there will be plenty of space down one side of the enlarged table, and just enough room to to move around its ends. If things are a bit tight there, I'll configure the tables in such a way that I can remove one of the 2' square panels in the middle as a make-shift trapdoor. . . much like I have read Brigadier Young had built into his table.

Why this idea didn't occur to me sooner, I don't know. But it is a terribly exciting realization now. When I shared the news with the Grand Duchess, she just looked at me and laughed. Imagine that. The nerve. The audacity. The chutzpah. The unmitigated gall. . . I tell you, wives!


Fitz-Badger said...

LOL! And here I am playing games on 1 or 2 card tables... but then I'm not using large battalions (not by any stretch of the imagination!). Some day I'll graduate to a 4 x 6 foot table, just you wait! :-D

Bluebear Jeff said...

My advice is to humor her . . . after all, she cooks stollens, doesn't she? . . . and she gives you little lead men, doesn't she? . . . surely you can allow her some amusement.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

A bigger table ? If you have the space fill it up I say. Lucky you to have room for such a table.

I'll get by on my 3ft x 8ft6 one.


Rob said...

Wow, I have to say the current table I have seen from you so far are quite impressive. I can only imagine what you will be capable of doing with more space.


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