01 May 2009

General von Drednoz's Grenzers Return Fire. . .

A short while later (late in Turn #1), General von Drosselmaier poked his head out of his multi-colored pavilion and called to his yellow-coated ADC -- the dashing Major Karl Heinz von Kallweitschen -- for his spyglass. Peering through it toward the right flank, just north of Sagewerkdorf, von Drosselmaier observed that things were not going well for his company of Jager zu Fuss posted there. General von Drednoz's Grosfurzen Grenzers had just returned a withering fire, which left six Stollenian casualties in its aftermath thanks to a series of fours, fives, and sixes rolled on the dice. Sadly, that means half the personnel of the first company of Jaeger zu Fuss is now hors de combat!

Slightly preturbed, von Drosselmaier turned to the map of the area laid out on a table before him and began pondering the remaining possibilities on that part of the battlefield. Should he recall the company of jaeger? Should he have them move into the village along side the Leib Grenadiers? Or, should he keep them in their current position? He decided not to alter the jaegers' orders but to keep them where they are for another turn and see how things stand then.

The Stollenian general called for his clay pipe from a nearby orderly, made a few offhanded remarks to the young von Kallweitschen, and then turned in the direction of his foe, General von Drednoz, to see what the next phase of the battle might reveal. And across the field, the vile von Drednoz grinned devilishly in the saddle as he twirled his mustache between a forefinger and thumb.
If the battle continued in this same way for another few turns, he thought to himself, it would be a good day a indeed.


Frankfurter said...

The dreaded dice!
Stollen needs to recruit my wife, whose Prussian recruits outshot my British Grenadiers once, 3 to 1!

Anonymous said...

I know how von Drosselmaier must be feeling. I'm never good with light infantry myself, and usually get them cut to pieces.
Still, best foot forward sir, and have at them with the bayonet!


Fitz-Badger said...

Are you sure those vile Stagonians aren't using loaded dice! lol

But seriously, that round did not go well for Stollen. Still early, though. Hopefully things will turn around before the day is out.

(I just saw an ad on tv - Isabella Rosselini is doing some kind of show; I didn't get the gist of it since I wasn't really watching, but in part of the ad she was holding or dancing with someone in a red lobster costume (or it may have been a shrimp costume).)

Der Alte Fritz said...

I wouldn't trust those vile Stagonians and their die rolls.

BTW, next game, try having your jagers and hussars working together in the same area. The mounted hussars can drive away those nasty red coated Irish Croats while your jagers pepper away at them with small arms fire. Think combined arms, von Drosselmeir.


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