10 May 2009

The Changing Situation at Saegewerkdorf. . .

In the photograph above, you can see that while the latter still hold two buildings in the village, the line to the south of Seagewerkdorf has been greatly reduced. The engineers now number less than a company of effectives, while the grenadiers have only slightly more than half of their original number still standing.

And to the northeast of Saegewerkdorf, von Drosselmaier's company of Jaeger zu Fuss along with his company of Leib Grenadiers have been whittled away by the Grosfurzen Grenzers. While the first company of grenzers has taken heavy casualities itself, the second stands at the ready just behind them. In fact, it was the second company that inflicted a further three hits on the Leib Grenadiers, essentially rendering that sub-unit of troops ineffective in its current position.

"Ah, I love the smell of Games Workshop acrylic hobby paint in the morning." said General von Drosselmaier to his young, impressionable ADC, Major von Kallweitschen,
as the two men observed the heavy casualties inflicted on their 11th Engineers and Leib Grenadiers from the comparative safety of a ridge to the east of Saegewerkdorf. Observing the current lull in fighting outside Saegewerkdorf through his spyglass, the young von Kallweitschen drew impatiently on his clay pipe, turned to his commander and asked, "What shall you do now, Herr General?"

Across the battlefield, on the hill above the sawmill complex, still held securely by half of his sapper battalion, that most vile of Stagonian officers, General von Drednoz, grinned maniacally in the saddle and twirled the end of his mustache between a thumb and forefinger. It was, he thought, a good day indeed!

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Capt Bill said...

What to do, what to do, what to do? Isn't that always the question?


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